Unpopular/Off the wall MS That you like

While the Airmaster, Dragon, and Sandrock are realitively known, there are unpopular for some reason compaired to other mechs in their respective series, hell Sandrock is the only one besides Heavyarms/Kai that I like out of the five main gundams from wing in reality. Airmaster is awesome as well but it’s overlooked for some reason.

I don’t know how many of these are considered “off the wall” but I always find myself drawn to these designs:

Hekija - a weirdly solid machine made from two before it, yet still maintains it’s own identity in my eyes

Farsia - a truly elegant & striking machine, fell in love with its look at first glance

Gaeon - a Gundam but not really, with uniquely awkward-yet-cool giant hands for a backpack

Dijeh - like many Zeta suits it takes weird & builds off of it into something simple & satisfying

the Sisquiede is the only mono eye gundam, which I find to be awesome.

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So I just discovered the beauty that is both the Shokew & the Rig Shokew.

As well as the sadness that they’ll probably never get new releases…

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I believe they have a discontinued 1/144 Rig Shokew, but I think the base Shokew only has figures.

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I still like Zaku-II

Yeah, sad but true. Hopefully with how grunt-happy Bandai’s been we’ll get an actual Shokew. And then cry when the Rig Shokew is P-Bandai… T_T

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