Unpopular/Off the wall MS That you like

I’m a big fan of Gaplant, Asshimar, Barzam, and a whole bunch of other designs from the Zeta-ZZ era.

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There ya go.

Also, just looking though all of the Zaku’s on the Gundam Wiki. Can there be anymore High Mobility types?

Ooh hell yea. Damn i love MSVs.


Now, just give it the Sheild with the Gatling Gun on it…and we’d be set.

The Hyaku Shiki and the Rick Dias had a baby and it was glorious. The Zero Shiki. Drool

Good thing is, if Define Takes off (for those who don’t know, it’s Zeta’s Version of the Origin) and it gets Animated…Lawd Help me.

I’m kind of torn about this design. On the one hand, it looks pretty cool. On the other, I don’t like how it retconned the Hyaku-Shiki out of continuity.

Well like Origin it’s not really Cannon completely.

I.E Origin has some diffrent takes on Design as well, but they’re in their own Continuity as well, this falls under that as it’s considered the Sequel to it. Kind of like Origin’s canon has the RX-78-01 instead of the RX-78-1.

Or the RX-78-02 instead of RX-78-2, thought he diffrence is less Drastic with that one.

That said I personally prefer the Zero Shiki, and I love the Hyaku Shiki.

Why the hell wasn’t that used in Assault Files?! It looks glorious.

Becasue IIRC it didn’t exist during the time we were doing 0086 and it was maybe just made arround the time of Prelude.

Or else it’d have been Shepards main for awhile.

Define’s pretty new.

We needs to use it in the new Assault Files whenever that happens or have Chris use it in Hostile Skies.

Best thing about it is it only has two weapons. A Beam Saber, and another Beam Saber. Nothing says Balls out like that.

Hell yeah! Ahh, that so woulda been a Kahrys suit. A temporary one, but I’d have used it.

Apparently those were gonna be the Alex’s Prototype colors. HNNNG

Did you ever notice how we messed with canon sorta big with the NT-1? http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/FA-78-NT-1_Full_Armor_Gundam_ALEX Or did I end up with it after all that?

After you ended up with it in 0086, Katana takes place Circa, 0084.

Don’t worry I made sure as I used the Striker Custom for awhile.

The G Exes and AGE-1 Titus get a pretty good amount of love. But those other suits, the Zalam and Euba Leader suits? I’m in love.

Look, it’s a Veritech Valkyrie-color Alex! Compare it to the classic VF-1J and see if you don’t agree. :wink:

Speaking of the Alex, War in the Pocket has a few under-appreciated MS in it that I really like. One would be the Hygogg, which is an excellent MSM type, even though it looks like it ought to be lurking under a bridge somewhere. The other is the MS-06FZ Fast Zaku, which has performance stats close to a MP Gelgoog, provides the design link between basic Zaku II, Hizack, & Geara Doga, and most importantly, is the only Zaku to ever take down a Gundam. :cool:

I always liked the blue destiny,and the guncannon/guntank,the two of which seem to get no love at all from bandai.

Judging by my experience gained by video games and kits in general :

This one deserves to be unpopular (stupid, f**king rotary blades)

ZOCK. There is none greater.