Unpopular/Off the wall MS That you like

After Kenico and I where oggleing the G-Savior in another topic, I was thinking, why not make a thread for mechs that you like, that don’t get enough love.

Mind you they have to be more than Mechs from a series that’s just hated, example, the SF is pretty popular mainly by SEED Fanboys though. (I admit I like it as well)

Anyways I’ll begin:

The BuCUE/LaGOWE, they don’t get much love, most likely because they’re four legged freaks, but I like them personally one of the coolest CE grunts, if not the coolest.

The Agg is another one, that Mining Mobile suit from 0079 with the two drills, love that thing.

Franly I love the grunts of the Victory series, mainly cause they have simple designs and honestly they look pretty cool

Eh, the only one I can really stomach is the Gun-Ez.

The Variants of the League miltiare are personal faves of mine lol

Oh also MA’s apply as well.

The Alpha Azieru. Dosen’t get enouugh love, it is well known, but unpopular, mainly because of Quess.

But look past that this thing is smexy. Favorite MA…evar.

I love the Shanel.
A wonderful design that really needs to get noticed.

DUDE! Where the heck has this beauty been all my life?!

In your dreams? :smiley:

I always liked the Pisces from Gundam Wig

Ah the Shanel is another one that gets over looked too often. One of the best designs out there IMO. The best elements of the Quebley and the Sazabi.

I really haven’t been a fan of AGE, but I love the Danazine. I guess cause it looks like a dragon. Lol

I’ve also said it before but I love the Bawoo.

Ahh…the Wang Dragon MS.

I think I’m the only fan of the Mass Produced ZZ:

I think you are. I also don’t like the MP Zeta. (I do like the other attempts at mass production of it like the Zeta Plus, Re-GZ and the ReZEL but not the one labeled MP Zeta Gundam)

Maybe it’s because I like them so damn much the Z is my favorite MS of all time, and the ZZ is in the top ten easily.

Also some Nightmare fuel, The Agguguy:


The Juaggu is another one it gets more love but still not enough.

The Bearguy and the Acguy gets all of the love out of the whole series because of how cute they are, psssh, I want an Elephant Trunk of a compound eye over that any day.

I’m a big fan of the Zogok, but I wouldn’t call it an unpopular suit anymore due to the one in Unicorn, getting a kit, etc.

How about the Maganac Forces in Gundam Wing? You know, the mobile suits that always back up Sandrock. I find them formidable.

@astrisk same here I allways like it.

@extend Yeah the Maganacs are cool as well, actually one of the few AC Grunts I like the only other MP Suit in the AC time line I like is the Gundam Derringer Arms. (Mainly becasue it’s an MP Heavyarms)

Would the Serpent from Endless Waltz count as an unpopular suit? I rarely see it mentioned anywhere. I like its bulky design that really gives it a look of a tanking grunt suit.

I like the Valiant (from Gundam X). It’s the teal grunt that DX guts in one of the openings.

Could be I don’t see it brought up that much.

Anyhow to keep with the recent rash of AC, I have three that don’t get mentioned much and are very odd:

Case 1: Earthquake Naga Gundam

AKA Silfer the Sky Gundam.

Case 2: Thunder Griffon Gundam

Yes…yes that is a kick ass Griffon Mobile Armor that the Sandrock can ride. And yes, yes it is bad ass.

Case 3:

What’s More manly than guns? A tank, what’s more manly than a tank? A Tank with a mech torso and GUNS.

Actually anything from this design series is bad ass.


I’m glad you mentioned it. This suit kept the Gundam on their toes. The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of melee weapons.