Understanding The World Better

being not a kid anymore means i need to step into society sooner or later, just a matter of time. since im from malaysia, i understand the political stuff very well & doesnt plan to stay here for long, i understand that japan is a country with natural disaster & heavy porn industry, thailand is a sex open minded country with lots of fake females, india is a country with poor public hygeine but advance in medical & ICT field(many android custom software creator), south korea full with plastic faces & cosmetic clinics, north korea is bout comunist & dictatorship, as for USA, a country with strip clubs, porn & firearm violence. what bout other country? i hope no one would find this sensitive or whatsoever, u may think im stupid, that’s why i ask. just curious bout what’s going on out there.

Right now with the conflict in Syria, the world is essentially a powder keg just waiting to be lit. Each county has it’s pros and cons, you just have to weigh your options. Me personally I’d either want to live in Japan, or off somewhere by myself. Antarctica is looking mighty fine now a days.

Wow, that’s a very view you got there, and a good balance you’re looking at there.
What’s so bad about the heavy porn industry though? :wink:
Just kidding haha

Well, every country has it’s issues, for some reason or another.
When people look at Africa they look at poverty or under developed living conditions, and they’re right.
South Africa for one is a developing country. It’s not bad to live in either, but I would think if anyone would move here, it would be over a job.

hmm japan is great actually but the damn porn industry go everywhere to scout n recruit new young ladies for av action. initially they start by bikino modelling, slowly use a higher pay to lure them into the main event. no offense though. i like USA, but the firearms violence and porn stuff worry me. i prefer a nice place to settle down for benefit of my generations. also skyline cant be legalised, and makes me wonder whether an underbone is legal there.

haha man, aint want my future daughters to be recruited. thr recent nuclear radiation is worrying too.

I can see the problem you’re facing there.

You shouldn’t worry much about either of those things. Pornographic performers in Japanese porn are native to Japan, so I don’t really think you should worry about your daughters that much.

From what I’ve seen and read, they’re doing their best for the radiation leaks. I really don’t know what they’re going to do about it, but I trust them.
Just stay somewhere safe if you’re worried.

Your biggest concern woud be you and your family adapting to Japanese lifestyle.
Typically, Japanese don’t speak english, according to reports I’ve read.
Furthermore, life in Japan progresses differently than western countries.
You live in Malaysia, so I dunno about that last bit.

Up to you. You always have the internet at your disposal. Europe’s looks nice. Then again, I’m not the kind of person that looks at stocks or news, so I couldn’t really tell you about goings on there, just look for yourself. There are plenty of places to see, other than Asia.

Yeah, the world’s a mess as of today. Syria has chemical weapons, and we have another war looming overhead. I’ve been to Japan recently, and as cool as the toy industry is there, don’t go live there. We had a friend in Japan who moved from America to spread the Gospel, and life is hard there. Especially for girls (you already listed one of the problems). In the USA, there are terrorist attacks, and as I said before, we have another war coming. I don’t know what’s going on in Britain. There’s also going to be radiation from the Fukishima plant in Japan to travel over here to the US. Economic problems, war, and a whole bunch of other messy things.

There really isn’t a great place to be except maybe moving to the country from down under. America isn’t to bad, you have your choice of ethnics, which is nice to have a choice of women to be with, plus you have guns and muscle cars, hard to argue with that. Problem is America is very divided which has hurt the country socially, economics, and education.

Either that or Switzerland and/or Sweden. It all depends on what you want, your way of life, and how you perceive things. Europe may be great, but what if you don’t like European people in general or their cultures? People love to tout Japan, but their way of life and culture can be hectic and discouraging to someone who doesn’t care about the rat race.

Each country has its drawbacks. Some bigger some smaller it all depends on personal preference. I live in UK but originally I am from Latvia. Latvia is a very deceptive country, on the surface and paper it looks like a successful country but actually its falling apart both socially and economically. Uk seems to be one of the big countries that are world leaders but society wise it is rotting and the people who are supposed to make it better are actually the ones driving it into the ground. Officially there is no racial or national prejudice but unofficially its rife both on personal level and professional. I wouldnt mind travelling around the world to different countries to live for several months to see how life is there.

hmm i see…now i remembered my physics teacher once told me that japan n korea r 2 country that view female as second class. the syria stuff reminds me of gundam seed n its sequel. i grew up watching hollywood movies, so i got no problems with the American culture, the thing that i hate the most bout it is that civilians can have guns. since im a chinese, japanese culture is not a problem too cuz its very similar to chinese culture. in terms of speaking, many words have similar pronounciation as cantonese n some chinese.

just in case anyone consider malaysia as a place to settle down, i can tell u that our leaders r not calliber, most of them become politician for money instead of carrying their duty. service of the government sector sucks(low speed, low efficiency, low tech medical device, doctors saving cost by providing ridiculous service, bribery among cops n politician, high crime rates) thr government tend to have jealousy towards the chinese, even education had been politised. as a student, i feel like going nuts cuz more n more new n silly shits implemented to help malay students, in a wrong way. our currency is dropping like mad n the government doesnt give a shit to it. car taxes r very high cuz no one like to buy lousy stuff like proton, perodua, modenas n demak. democracy is dead n the government medias r full of lies. as for the opposition party, they r cunning too, although they r better than the government.

Your to concerned about guns, its a rather small party of our culture that is blown way out proportion. The chance of being threatened with gun is right up there with winning the lottery, of course if you live in the ghetto your chances skyrocket, but its still pretty small. Don’t base our culture on movies either because life is hardly ever like the movies

Umm, there’s a rule for no swearing. But I guess those “words” help explain the situation better. Sorry. :slight_smile: And really, in the US, there aren’t too many people with guns. A lot of people hate them. It’s just exaggerated by the terrorist attacks lately.

Not to mention the media. The media blows stuff about guns way out of proportion. People where I live have guns. Just about every house hold has at least one gun. Doesn’t mean that the crime rate around here is high, it just means that it’s a way of life here. And frankly, crime rate is low where I live cause of it.

oh, actually im not basing the american culture in movie, n is this really the american culture? u mean by having guns? there r all kinds of people in the world, in the US, students n young children die for nothing cuz there r student tat r stress n wanna release tention by gun blazing. i remembered its like one incident in every few years cuz i saw it in news. in my opinion, only law enforcers can have guns for the safety of society. no offense though.

oh sorry with the swearing

No problem! You have to understand this though, people here aren’t going to go to the nearest school and start killing innocent people because they’re stressed about school. If firearms are banned, only the criminals will have them.

well statistics say that there are what like 94 guns per 100 people in US. I would call that quite a lot. Anyway each country has its ups and downs and mostly you need to be there to see them.

From what I understand China is having a issue with people using knive and swords on crowds of people. Our media doesn’t report it much but people also use knives and cars on crowds of people also, guns just bring in the viewers and thats all that counts to them. I had a whole thing written in response but had to delete it cause work came up. 94 guns for every 100 sounds great on paper but the gun ownership rate is way lower than that, most gun owners own multiple guns, I own 4 myself.

Our society is to blame and I’ll explain it later after work because I’m not about to write that whole thing again only to have to delete again lol