Ultimate Gundam Musou 4: Wishes, Wants, and Dreams!

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honestly I would like the focus to be on more g, wing, and after war characters and maybe a story mode for those series to inform more people about them
and another thing that would be great the Frost brothers from after war would be a great addition just think each one on a different team manipulating different sides controlling them as they please (since they have a telepathic link 24/7)

Really they only need two more people from Wing and it’s pretty much done there, I do agree AW ang G boosts need to be done, personally want.

For G:
Allenby Beardsly
George De Sand
Dude with Bolt Gundam
Chibodi Crocket

For X:
Jamil Neate (X Divider)
Frost Brothers (Virsago and the Suit that went with it I don’t rember)
Bertigo Grunts
Really just Grunts, AW has some of the best Grunts ever, both for Class 3 and 3.

Won’t lie I’d just be happy if the only addition X got was Jamil Neate and the X Divider. Because…they’re amazing.

A good and long original story, mostly.

When the player starts a new game data, only have a few playable characters available. I’d say CCA Amuro, Heero, Domon, Kira, etc. Make the player work for new characters. Vocal tracks during fighting. A gallery with concept artwork.

adding to a game that will never be…Some of the voices of some characters are off like Master Asia sounds fake in DWG 3 , Master Asia needs a deep and direct kind of voice. and id say better partner attacks and custom uniforms and acessories

I’m late to the party on the whole DWG franchise. I only just bought 3 last month, and while it isn’t by any means the best Gundam video game, it’s still a pretty fun little distraction. But like many have said, there are things that should be improved upon/added to this game

[li] Character interaction that actually takes established continuity into consideration. Now I know Seabook is just a (somewhat) simple teenager from a not-to-distant UC future, but do you expect me to believe he’s never heard of the name Char Aznable before and isn’t getting major warning bells just hearing it? There just wasn’t enough of it going on, especially considering that the default Char and Amuro being used are CCA-era and should be more familiar with OYW,Z, and ZZ history.
[/li][li] Throw out history mode entirely. The rough premise of this game is “what if all the universes met at the same fixed moment of time and space”; you don’t need DW version of the story to explain the history of specific characters when the bios already do a pretty concise job of it. Plus, it directly effects the next point because of all the suits used to keep history mode making sense.
[/li][*] Balanced mobile suit/pilot representation: it was neat to see so many suits represented, but some I just could not believe made the cut. Gaza C/D??? Gouf Flight Type??? Zaku Tank??? Not mention all the minor variations of the GM suits that showed up. And as much as I love the Qubeley, we didn’t need all 4 versions of it in the roster when they all basically perform the same. Where was the Wing/X love for grunt mobile suits? Where was Shiro Amada and Christine Mackenzie? Why couldn’t I lay waste to the masses in a Kampfer?! [/ul]

well take into consideration that not every colony was present in the OYW and provide their own version of historical events throughout the UC timeline it also has been 30 year in a society that has spent much of it’s time building new colonies history class may not of been a graduates main focus in school for the best job
I mean take Judau Ashta in ZZ he really didn’t know much of what happened outside his colony and most noticeable UC history happened when he was growing up

I have to agree on your other points, but this. I believe all the variations made for interesting gameplay. It is a battlefield after all. All the versions of the Quebeley are absolutely needed, because they are piloted by different pilots, of course, even if they have the same arsenal. However, I have to agree on your point about alternate universe grunt suits. Pity about that.

What about all the versions of Tallgeese, If the Quebelys made the game. I think Tallgeese 1, and the 3 should have been included

Well, doesn’t seem to be quite necessary.

Considering TI equally strong to TII, I reckon it not binding to have TI included in the game.

Zechs/Milliardo pertains to Epyon.

If there weren’t the TII, it’d also be impossible to choose Treize. Resulting from that, you’d not fancy that at all.

Having TIII contained would be unfair for there’s no MSV or Katoki version in the game featured.

Knight Gundam/Musha etc. are no MSV or Katokis.

I agree the Tallgeese 1 should be in the game because it was way more important than the Epyon, as for the Tallgeese 3 I think it should only be in there if they put at least one of the movie versions of the Wing gundams like Wing zero custom

I would also like to make the A.I smarter. Where you can direct your forces/ team mates to where you want them on the battle field. And more realestic game play.

Not only they should add members from Gundam AGE, but also all three ages of Flit and young/adult Asemu with the AGE 2 and Dark Hound. Kio should have the AGE 3 and the FX. Wolf should be in there too in both ages with the EXES and Bouncer. Also Zeheart should be there as well.

All of the Gundam Meisters, not just there for DLC. And maybe the Trinity Siblings?

Rey from SEED Destiny, Mu La Flaga with the ULTIMATE STRIKE GUNDAM. They NEED to make that happen.

They need Quattre and Wu Fei, and all five Gundam Wing boys have both their 2nd Gundams from both the TV versions and OVA EW versions.

It would be nice to bring in the Shadow Gundam for Shwartz. He got the short end of the stick in the last game. Maybe every Shuffle Alliance too?

Bring in Roybea and Witz. The Frost Bros would be a nice touch too. There is not enough love in After War X.

And that is about it.

They also need Rau from Seed and Jamil and Carris from Gundam X.

I would also like to see the battle ships come into play.

Lately I’ve been jotting down some ideas on what would make a good Gundam game. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. A Real Robot Touch - One problem I had with DWG 3 was that it felt like the prototype suits were a little too overpowering. An example would be the Unicorn Gundam and it’s C6 attack. When unleashed, the attack can easily clear a field in seconds even on hard difficulty. After taking that field, I move on to the next one and repeat the process with little resistance. One solution that came to mind was to have an energy gauge. The purpose of the gauge is all lot like an ammo gauge in a shooter game, however the type of attacks you perform will vary in the amount of energy they use. Once you’ve used up your energy gauge, you have to refill with either an item that partially refills you bar, or go to a repair hanger to get a full tank. Also, some suits utilize solid round ammo, like a bazooka, for those weapons you would have an ammo bar and while hyper bazooka’s are powerful, the have limited ammo so you’ll have to use them wisely. However, like the energy bar, you can refill it at the repair hanger.

  2. Balance Between Melee and Range Combat - As a Gundam game, DWG 3 in my opinion felt a little bit lacking in ranged combat gameplay. Sure you had Charge Attacks that that unleash ranged attacks like Wing ZERO’s C6 and Nu Gundam’s C4, but from what I’ve seen in a lot of Gundam series is that the core focus is ranged attacks while beam sabers would only be used close range emergencies. A prime example would be the Kshatriya vs. the Stark Jegan fight, when at the end of it the Stark Jegan used all of it’s ranged ammo and engaged the Kshatriya in CQC. I think that there should be a command that switches from ranged combat to melee combat. If that would be the case, I would classify the game as a Shoot-and-Slash game as it takes elements from a third-person shooter (like Encounters from Space) and Hack-and-Slash games (like the DWG series).

  3. A 3D Space Environment - A lot of Gundam battles take place in space. DWG 3 justified it’s space fields by having them take place on either an asteroid or the moon, which is fine for some scenarios but not all. Adding a 3D environment would not only force players to think 3-Dimesionally just on one field, but on many fields. An example would be the final battle on Axis in CCA. Let’s say your in the Nu Gundam and your opponent is of course the Sazabi, and the battlefield that is Axis takes up a 4x4x4 cube. Not only would you have to think of each field 3-dimensional, but the entire battleground (that includes the interior and exterior of Axis).

  4. More Mecha Mook Action - So we’ve limited ammunition and a 3D environment, how else could increase the difficulty… I know! How about a much more aggressive CPU that can attack in waves at any chance they get. Even better balancing would be if grunt suits attacks do much more damage than what they do you DWG 3. Now you have think about conserving your energy for your attacks and think about how and where you execute your most damaging attacks. Plus, they’re also smarter than they are in DWG 3

  5. An Increase in Tactics and Strategy - One thing I would do is include Jae102’s idea on the use battleships. So then I thought, what if along with having special attacks you could have killstreak bonuses, like Call of Duty, that can allow you to call something like a squadron of MS’s performing a strafing maneuver, or calling in a precision missile strike or beam cannon barrage from the Ra Cailum. However, taking out MS’s left and right would be too easy to get the more of the most damaging bonuses, and so I thought what if you could unlock your killstreaks based on the amount of fields you capture. However, as the AI enemy units are smarter capturing and securing fields is not as easy as DWG 3.

  6. Weapons Loadouts, MS Customization, and Expansion Packs - Now some suits have Full Armor Upgrades, like the ZZ, you I ogt to thinking how could FA upgrades be integrated into the game. Well, why equip it on a weapons loadout section. Let’s say your playing in the Impulse and for the mission you need firepower. The answer is the Blast pack. Now you are no longer limited to just a one suit option. a possible special attack for the Impulse is the ability to switch packs during the battle. Even for the RX-78-2 Gundam, you could initially equip two Hyper Bazookas and if you run out of ammo you can switch to the beam rifle. And once that’s out of ammo, you can switch to the beam sabers/beam javelins until you reach the hanger.

So basically you want Gundam Extreme Vs. Zeta.

Most of those are in there. Minus 3, and maybe 5. (There’s some stratigy but not on a field level)

That said I love the ideas you have Zeta, some great ones.

My I deal Gundam game would be like combination of basically CoD, Extreme Vs., Encounters in Space (which was officially imported on the PS2), and DWG 3.

Edit: I recently read on ANN that Namco-Bandai was looking to hire people for a new Gundam Vs. game. What this means, who knows. Maybe we’ll see an international release of a Gundam Vs. game.

Don’t count on it, Bandai is pretty much givin up on the western market. The only reason I think we got all three DWG games was because it was Dynasty Warriors so they’d get Gundam Fan and DW Fan sales on that alone.

Also have you ever played Battlefield Record 0081, it has allot of elements I think would be great in the game you descibe if the Melee was more towards the Extreme Vs. side of things, it’d be allot like what you’re going for, just more enemies and bigger fields maybe.

I’m not so sure Bandai has given up just yet. I recently heard that sales for the newly released Gundam: The Origin have reached the 8,000 mark in terms of sales (higher than what Bandai expected) and that number is expected to rise. For three weeks, it was also on the New York Times Best Seller list (for manga). Volume 2 from what I’ve heard has been doing well also. I have heard of 0081, but have not played it. Who knows, me may see Gundam on TV once again.

Maybe that is good news.

Also you should play 0081. It’s Crossfire done right pretty much. Good suit selection, fun gameplay, both Ranged and melee are useful as well which is nice.