Ultimate Gundam Musou 4: Wishes, Wants, and Dreams!

What do you want in the next Gundam Musou or Dynasty Warriors game?

I got this thread inspiration due to it being on Gamefaqs and Gamestop forums.

I liked 1 and 3’s storyline. It was way better then just putting characters together like 2 did. I’d love to see more faction fighting, though. Like Celestial being vs. Gundam Wing’s 5. Or Char vs. Full Frontal. Things like that.


And more Pilots. Like Rau le Cruset, Grahm Aker, and some of the Astray suits. It’s nice to have familiarity, but I very rarely use the mass production suits, and feel that that’s programming space that could have been… better used.

More SEED and 00 machines, especially the MSV/00V stuff. Maybe a ‘build a machine’ feature of some sort?

I felt like there was a lot more to do and explore as far as character stuff in 2, but 3 just felt so much cleaner overall. Maybe if the story mode was about twice as long as 3’s…

It’d like the Game to be like SD Gundam G Generation World in more crazy battle between characters from different universes. Like Setsuna F. Seiei vs Full Frontal, Rau Le Creuset vs Banagher Links, Ribbons Almark vs Kira Yamato and Amuro vs Master Asia and so on.

No more Main story line battle included in the games. I’m sick of seeing Zeta Gundam vs PMX-003 The O, Amuro vs Char, and battle like that no more waste of a game on that. Focus on a story line that utilizes characters from different series, like having Setuna work with Banagher and Amuro.

Also I want the game play to be like



More cut scenes.

More Characters like
Rau Le Creuset
Trowa Barton
Wufei Chang
Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism
Lockon Stratos/Lyle Dylandy
Tieria Erde
Loni Garvey
Angelo Sauper
Quatre Raberba Winner
And more Gundam pilots from all the universes.

Light Novels version and Manga characters should be included as well.

I gotta say, one of the better moments from this series in my opinion is when Judeau was with Scirocco in the first one. You could easily tell that Scirocco was manipulating him the entire time, and Judeau was oblivious to it. More stuff like that! More Antagonists from series A using the Protagonist from series B!

Agreed more Character from different series interactions. And more characters from different sides working to together with common goals.

yeah if they just made it so you could create your own suit and if they could just make it there mission to get as many characters and gundam/mobile suits in the game as possible

Personaly I’d like more G, they got the short end of the sticks, with not getting any roster buffs, in 2, or 3. Personaly I just want Nobell, and Rose would be nice. (Maxter can then come in after that, because I think it’d have an amazing move set, so would Bolt, and Dragon, but I can care less about Dragon)

Not to mention 0080, and 08th MS team, even if it’s just the Ez8, and the Gouf Custom for 08th MS team, and the NT-1, and Bernie and his Zaku for 0080 I want them in. Which also reminds me, 0083 should get Cima, in the Gerba Tetra too.

About the Game play changing, not going to happen, it has to play like this or it won’t be a Dynasty Warriors game it’d just be a Gundam game with massive crossovers, and while I’d love that it wouldn’t be called DWG:4 or Gundam Mosou 4.

Unicorn is bound to get buffs, so I’m not even going to really mention it, seeing as Unicorn was still pretty young when this first came out they just put in the Unicorn, and Sinanju, and then Khshatryia for DLC. So yeah besides those 3, Banshee, Delta Plus, and the Jesta, and the Gera Zulu for grunts would be nice. The Effreet Schinde would also be cool, the suits perfect for this type of game. 00 is also bound to get all the DLC suits in by default too, so there’s no need for a buff to that roster just yet, unless they feel the need for movie suits, though I’d prefer the S2 suits except for the Brave, I’d like that.

I’d like the ability to recolor mobile suits at lease (with the option to chose the default skin, or one of the custom slosts you made), and maybe some minor cosmetic changes, I don’t see a full make a MS from scratch feature showing up, but if it dose that’d be nice. Also this would go good with

More non UC grunts, it was finaly nice to get some non-UC grunts with the GINN, and Dark Army (not counting the Kapool even if it’s in it’s Turn A form, since it was in the UC before Turn A ever came under the name Capule in ZZ) but we need more, personaly I’d like to see at least 2 from each Universe. This also reminds me, give the Acguy and non joke moveset, that dosen’t leave it open to attacks.

Also I proposed maybe an Empires mode on Gamefaq’s before 3 came out, where after the Unique storyline you could make a charictar, and start a faction with a diffrent focus, it would of course be effected by what timeline your charictar is from, and you could upgrade your faction and fight others (includeding real Gundam Factions and new ones for the game) and acquire new Aces, and Suits for them, and not to mention new Grunts.

A MS creation feature with different parts that look similar to suits all ready made (as in designed by the same designers that make MS designs for Gundam already) could be bought and found in this I guess, since a MS creation feature would fit if they had a Empires mode too, since every leader in Gundam has some Bad ass Mobile Suit. Just chose different move sets that suit that MS, there’d be different unique move sets to chose from, of course there’d be prerequisites for some such as must have funnels etc. Also with the make an MS feature they can have it so you start with a MS from the roster as a base, such as taking a RX-78-2, and then taking it to the next level over time.

Also I’d like to see the Anime modes like in DWG:1, and 2 return, maybe if they buff up the non-UC rosters we can get some more series there for that, the cross over story would still be the main focus of the game, but I found the Anime Story mode to be fun too.

More G Gundam Shadow,Nobell,Bolt,Rose,Dragon,Maxter,Shining

Graham Acre is a downloadable character in DWG 3 btw.

Personally I’d love to see the Tallgeese make an appearance, as well as Sandrock and maybe Shenlong (or Altron. Either/Or). It might also be fun to throw Leos and maybe the Taurus suit in there as well with Noin being a playable character. Get rid of the characters who do nothing but bitch (IE- Relena) and characters that obviously never piloted any sort of MS (IE- Lacus).

I know, but I’d like him to take a better role then DLC. I had an enormous amount of fun playing him, but I want to see him interact with the other Gundam universes.

I’d like to see some Crossbone Vanguard suits like the Vigna Ghina, the Berga Giros, the Den’an Zon and the Den’an Gei, some Endless Waltz suits like Wing Zero Custom, more 00 including bad guy suits like the Gaddessa, GNX and Ahead, Wing Grunts like the Taurus (plus a Noin custom), the Serpent and the Virgo (as a CPU only suit), Impulse Gundam, Legend Gundam, Saviour Gundam, plus Gaia, Chaos and Abyss, GP03S Stamen (plus the Orchis for a special mission), the Gerbera Tetra, GM Custom and GM Cannon, Delta Plus, Shamblo (as a CPU MA), Geara Zulus, the Banshee and the ReZEL. Oh and a 3D space battlefield.

YES!!! That would be awesome!!!

If they bring back real space fields, completely 3D ones would be nice, which makes be also say, Bring back the Alpha Aziru. Love that thing.

Also maybe an option to play as the MA’s in a survival mode, fight waves of Grunts, increaseing to higher class grunts (like the Qubley MP, the Jegan, and the Jesta if it’s in.) up to waves of aces. Would be fun, with odd move sets’ give the Alpha the option to launch funnels like it did in DWG:2, the only MA not pilotable in this mode would be the Devil/Dark Gundam. I think it would be fun, limited to one field, and take on as many people as you can. Make a Fun bonus mode.

Give X some buffs, Virsago Chest Break, X Divider. Crossbones would be nice (X-1, X-2, and X-3 Full cloth pl0x), and oh what the hell this game series is pretty much fan service thow in the Nightengale, and Hi-Nu. 00 Could use some more Bad guys as Zeta said.

Also forgot about the ReZel, also reminds me, bring back the Re-Gz, yeah I know it played like a Nerfed Zeta, but I liked it. The ReZel could be a Class 2 like it, the Jesta could be a Class two grunt like the Jegan and Z’Gok are, and the Gera Zulus can also be Class 2 version of the Gera Dogas of course I just want some Unicorn buffs which are bound to happen. Also Zaku III, and some ZZ buffs would be great.

Hmm i’d say a few things like they type of missions you have to complete…even though most of the game will be press x. Make it more military like modern warfare except with gundams in stuff. I would also make it where you could have custom gundams and mobile suits. Have real cut scenes. I would add more characters like age characters, Kio, Flit, Assemu. And more Gundams like all of the age gundams and the dark hound. Bolt Gundam, Dragon Gundam, Tequila Gundam, Rose Gundam etc,. And the most bad ass part would be the online I’d make a free rome mode where you could just fly around shooting stuff ,on the earth or space doin missions or going up aganist some one else in ther gundam or mobile suit. And even have a gundam online tournament.

Sort of like a Gundam game that plays more like MechWarrior? It could also be set in a 08th MS Team setting so you have the military working side by side with the Gundam’s.

The chances of there even being a 4th Dynasty Warriors Gundam at this point are incredibly slim.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam as a whole is nothing but a Mediocre Gundam Game Franchise.
Granted, I’ve seen Gundam Games that are MUCH WORSE than DWG, such as Gundam Crossfire on PS3 for example, but even still: DWG is just Mediocre, Monotonous, and Annoying most of the time.
It can still be fun as just a Gundam Hack N Slash, but honestly: I’d rather play Gundam SEED: Little Fighter 2 if I wanted to play a game like that; since it did the Gundam Mechanics a lot better there.

The best DWG game beyond any doubt was 2. DWG3 was most definitely inferior because of the fact that the missions were shorter, much easier, and the voice acting was COMPLETELY BUTCHERED to the point of becoming FUBAR.
At least in DWG2, they fixed it up A Little Bit compared to what it was in DWG1. But still, that game’s logic w/ Gundam made absolutely no sense; even in terms of being just a simple hack n slash game.
One does not simple Stop A Planet from moving with just One Sekiha Tenkyoken. That right there is BS; even for G GUNDAM Standards. :rolleyes:

Not to mention, Koei, once again, nerfed the AI in the International Release and Ditched the original soundtrack as well. But this isn’t the 1st time they’ve done something like that with DW Games; not just DWG, but also Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi as well. I’ve honestly had it with Koei’s attempts to “Change Things” lately, but I do admit: Warriors Orochi 3 was a surprise. As that game did infact change a few things. But the big problem I have with it still: They nerfed the damn AI again in the international release. But at least with that game’s case, it seems that was the only Major Sin they committed with it. The rest seems totally fine.

In DWG3’s case, it committed Multiple Sins:

1.) Removal of the Original Soundtrack (again)
2.) Nerfing of the Game’s AI in the International Version (again)
3.) Horrible Voice Acting. (DWG3 being the worst offender of this)
4.) Versus Multiplayer = COMPLETELY GONE.
5.) Missions being shortened and made too easy; reducing the game’s diifficulty even further.
6.) Not staying true to Accurate Gundam Standards and Statistics. (even if it’s a Hack n Slash, they didn’t even try. :rolleyes: )
7.) Barely anything being changed; Core-Gameplay Wise YET AGAIN. (More of a problem with Koei than it is with the game specifically, I admit.)

If you ask me, Dynasty Warriors and Gundam are 2 things that just Don’t Mix very well at all.
Gundam is something that is way too complicated to be turned into a Monotinous Hack N Slash like that properly.
So honestly, if DWG4 was ever announced, I probably wouldn’t give a flying crap about it, since it’s basically just Koei milking the cash-cow yet again.

Honestly, I can’t see them adding anything related to 08th MS Team. The units featured in that series are mostly ground combat suits and the suits featured in DWG 3 are suits that can operate in both land and space battles. A suit like the Murasame would be a nice addition to DWG 4. I can only see 8th MS Team stuff being released as DLC exclusives; same goes for Endless Waltz and War in the Pocket material. To WackyModder84, the reason that the original music was cut was that in order to get it over here, Koei has to go through extra licensing that costs extra money and personally I enjoyed it. The voice acting was decent. The voices for Amuro and Zechs were actually voiced by their original englished voices. The AI is only challenging if you turn it all the way up to the max.

Hmm, I also would like to add mobile armors such as Apsalus III, Big Zam,Dendrobium, Dark Gundam…I would also like to add one of my new crushes
Fram Nara.

They are in the game but i want to pilot them