Ugliest Gundam ever

I have to add that Victory’s Zanscare empire mobile suits were just extremely ugly. A major part of my lack of enjoyment of it came from that, those things just dont look nice.

Read this.

Btw, the Turn A is really satisfactorily detailed. It really looks tempting to pick.

Yes I agree it is quite hideous.

Dear God! That Astray poop frame is scary!

i don’t find the zeong’s head appealing. It’s like something you’d find in a toy story movie

That Astray looks like something off an old TV show called Beetleborgs. Quite horrid.

I generally dont like when there is too much stuff on a mobile suit. i like simpler more laconic designs like Zaku.

Pretty much what everyone is saying. Turn A is just absolute crap. You would think they would make the most op gundam look unbeatable but it looks like anyone could take it on with a guncannon -.-

2nd place goes to nether gundam from G. I lol’ed to extreme levels when i saw it

Well the whole thing of Turn A is that it was made by a western designer. It was definitely unconventional but I would not say it is the ugliest.

I agree with this statement:
Turn A was unconventional not ugly, and not bad. The designs would be different because it’s coming from a person that found inspiration in different forms of works than those of a Japanese artist and designer. This also is appropriate considering Turn A happens in an extremely distant future.

On Windmill Gundam, one word: FUgly

Just a good example why western designers should not design Gundams.

This should recieve the award for Ugliest Gundam Ever.

To be honest. I rather liked the look of the G-Savior. Everything else to do with it, is another story. I’m still sticky my ugly vote to the Turn-A.

If you ask me, the G-Saviour shares similarities with the Hydra Gundam, small but that’s how my eye is seeing it.

nah G-saviour is not that bad, its cheap and badly written but the gundam is not bad.

Show Sucks, Mobile Suit Rocks.

I suppose that’s right, huh? Apparently the sales for the kit have been popular despite the tragic flop that the movie was.

I like the Ez8 for its militaristic look.

Windmill Gundam? John Bull Gundam? Yeah G Gundam takes the cake. And THAT cake, boys and girls is not a lie.

Hold up hold up hold up.
Please post pictures of the Gundams that you comment, now I’m super curious about what all of these G Gundam spoofs really look like.
But here’s another thing.
Was that purple Astray ever animated?

It has certainly not been animated yet.