Ugliest Gundam ever

It’s a pretty debatable which Gundam is the least pleasing to look at.
Post a picture of the Gundam along with the name and your description as to why you think it’s a hideous creation.

For me, the most ugly of all Gundams is the Gundam Ez8.

Just look at this thing. It’s pretty plain, and the body just looks extremely awkward. The head looks odd, and it doesn’t have a V-fin, either.

O_O…as a HUGE Fan of the Ez8, i take that as a HUGE insult lol

Don’t get me wrong, I love that Gundam. It’s definitely one of my top favorites. However… I’m not biased :smiley:

LOL its cool.

The ugliest gundam ever? If you look at G-Gundam, you’ll have your hands full.

Okay, I love the Physallis. I got into an arguement with a guy on youtube over Physalis and Epyon, and he suggested that Epyon would be trashed by Phyalis, and I was shocked he would say that, so I’ll say Physalis is ugly. Sorry, Phy.

(If I didn’t get into that arguement, I’ll say it’s pretty)

Another vote for the majority of G-Gundam suits here. Sorry, they’re just so hokey and seriously outrageous. But…they do have a certain charm.

Walter Gundam all the way is by far the ugliest ive ever seen lol

Every Gundam in G, except Shining, Burning (God) and Master.

*Rising was okay, but it didn’t have that outrageous awesomeness that those 3 had.

agreed lol

the raider gundam from seed. that face was so derp, and its colors and MA mode were ugly as hell.

ugly gundams?
G seems to have the most outragous one out there but some are pretty good.
This is actually an easy question, its all the Gundams that were left over in stores after they stopped selling them in 2005

I could always find
Jester Gundam
mandala gundam
Walter Gundam

I might be going out too far and say that the Turn A gundam is ugly
the design has grown on me.
and I know these are not Gundams they are Mobile suits and most are from Zeta!!! >:(
Ackguy! GRR I hate this suit!
Gogg, ugly
juaggu (the Fu?)
Vigna Ghina
Asshimar (it has ass in its name!)
Baund Doc
Palace Athene
Bolinoak Sammahn
The O
(too many to list)
oh and lets not forget the mobile armours
Zeong (yup)
Big Zam (but I still like it, its just silly)
( I can’t do this anymore there are too many!)

I’m suprised most of these things make it as final products!

Polaris, you’re not wrong. Turn A. Ugliest Gundam creation ever.

every damn mobile suit from that series was ugly.

Even the Nobel Gundam? I thought it was kinda cute! But yeah, I think the suits in G were rather outrageous, but give them credit they look more silly than ugly.
For me, the ugly award goes to Turn A. It’s mustache is just BLUH. Even the head is messed up. It doesn’t even look like a Gundam.

But I also don’t like the Maxter Gundam from G. Why…the hell does it have a chest that looks like a man’s chest?

And Nadleh from 00…Why? If it was a suit in G I would let it slide, but WHY? Why does it look like that? The hair? WHY???

G-gundam apart from the main chars gundam and those weird gundams at the end of SEED. Those things like their pilots were just bad. Lets all remember Windmill Gundam or any of those cooky things.

Zeta, yes, they did have some FUgly suits there. Like that transforming suit that looks like a disk, I wish I could remember the name, that thing is Fugly, homie.

I can’t hate most of Zeta’s (and ZZ)'s suits though, fond memories. Methuss, needs to go burn now.

You’re right about the suits at the final leg of SEED, no idea where those things came from.

I’m gonna be pretty straight here. The original Justice Gundam looks completely crappy to me. I can not stand it in any way, it just drives me insane!

Just look at this thing! The backpack is extremely unattractive, so boxy and big on his back. Also, the Gundam itself is pretty plain. And what with the Mohawk?

The suits from G-Gundam doesn’t really strike me as ugly. And here’s why. They are made to represent their home countries, so their initial design is to make them appear like that is their main goal. Like Zeus Gundam from Greece, or the Mummy Gundam from Egypt. Sure they might look a bit silly. But keep in mind they’re design is to reflect the country they come from.

The suits at the end of SEED were, atrocious at best. The designer of those thing had of been on something at the time.

And Turn-A, could have been way better. So much potential wasted.

You have a point there with the G-Gundam suits representing the homes. But we do have the Jester Gundam. That thing is terrible.
Nobel isn’t so bad if you think about it.

G-Gundam suits could have been designed better. There are less obvious and stereotypical ways to represent a country in robot form, haha. I find it hard to believe that Japan and maybe a couple of others are the only countries that had actually cool designs.

I didn’t like Turn A’s designs at first, but like with all Western designs, they grew on me rather quickly. However…I do think the WaDom in particular is all kinds of awful. Practical design, but with an almost nightmarish appearance. I had a blast slaughtering them in GvG:N+ with the Epyon.

I have to agree with the druggie suits in SEED as well. I kept thinking they came from discarded design concepts the producers put in because they didn’t have anything else handy.