Trying to Function

I been thinking latley how would other mobile suits and pilots would do in other time lines. For example I think Turn -A Gundam would function in anytime era. As far Loran Cehak i dont think he would ever make it as a Zeon or make a good Earth Federal pilot . Let the discussions begin

As far as I am concerned, the Turn A Gundam features useful functions pertaining to different Gundams + possesses its own functions turning out to be precious in skirmishes.
Verily, the Turn A is the successor of all Gundams in this manner - as is the Turn X.

Having watched 10 episodes of Turn A, I am barely able to judge him properly but I can tell he is dragged into this story. He also exhibits his desire not to fight very plainly and ostensibly signifiying he’d not even coalesce/join any of your mentioned fractions.

It’s is rather shrewd to question what Heero Yuy would do, if involved in the OYW or Operation Stardust, isn’t it ?

Herro Yui would be a excellent soilder it wouldnt matter what side he would be on. I think he would eventually become rank like a commander. Im kinda biased lol so i would perfer him to be with the Zeon

Then the OYW would prove to be intresting, with Heero equipped with a decent mobile suit, accompanying Char.

I could see Herro working with Anavel Gato, Yazan . And even Trieze

Maybe at one point, Heero might verbally issue a death threat on Haman, and then Haman would fall over for Heero. XD

I’ll kill you… if you touch my Wing Zero Heero says to Haman

Does anyone think that the Rx-72 Gundam would perform well in the wing series

I’m unaware of how strong Rx-78-2 is in comparison to the others, yet I still (rightly) consider it capable enough to perform quite well for it’s equipped with a lot weapons.

I agree If you put some better weapons and a good pilot. I think it could do some damage to Oz

Depends on who operates it.
I can’t see any ordinary soldier lucking in infliciting damage upon oz.
Reckoned to be less capable of enduring impacts, it’s also likely to be destroyed.