Alright, so I noticed there are some Transformers fans here. This happens to be a show I grew up with (Unicron Trilogy, actually), so go ahead and speak you mind about it.

Well, at the moment, I don’t see any chance of more Transformers anime, instead we’re getting a western cut, in CG and things like that. It is owned by a western company, so I wouldn’t expect them to comission an anime studio to work on anime. Especially when we have damn CG.

Transformers are my first introduction into the world of robots and there was never a time when I wasn’t fond of them. I absolutely loved the original cartoon series, though I don’t remember any specific episodes other than when Metroplex’s eye gets stolen by Starscream to replace Unicron’s (who was already a floating head of a wreckage so this must have been after the movie came out).

When we moved to the US, I didn’t get back into it until Beast Wars, which drew me back in easily. The TV scheduling was terrible where I lived so I only saw random episodes until it eventually went away. The Michael Bay films brought me back a second time and thankfully, I already had a job then so I bought all the toys I’ve always wanted, plus some of the movie versions that were supposedly tough to transform (and some were). I briefly watched Transformers: Prime and I thought it was pretty good. I didn’t mind the CG-ness of it and the presentation was entertaining. Getting back into watching the series is on my to-do list, but in terms of the toys, I think I’ve satiated my need and only buy the Masterpiece versions or unique 3rd party products.

I’m surprised there isn’t an anime version of Transformers again seeing as Japan has Takara Tomy, a well-known toy company that produced the original toys back in the early days and still is the birthplace of many Transformers toy designs today, if not all of them.

I don’ have any experience with the original cartoon series form the 80s. I remember it aired here in the early 2000s, and a bit of me remembers Robots in Disguise.

Don’t hate me, haha, the movies alienated me from the series because of all the jagged metal parts dangling around. I believe they did this to add to the fact that they’re alien robots. But I’m not sad that they’re making new movies. Perhaps Michael Bay will surprise us all.

Still, if there’s going to be a new film, there might not be an anime, you know? Merchandising and all that.

Oh man, you’re missing out by not watching the original series. Sure, it has plenty of animation oddities, but that’s normal for something that old and I think it’s part of the charm. If you can stream it online, you should give it a try.

It’s cool about the movies :slight_smile: I know well enough that they’re a strong source of contention, especially among the fans. Many a verbal war have started on forums because of them, with one side favoring the movies and the other hating with a passion. Personally, I think the films were corny and focused too much on action, but I still enjoyed them and a few of the toys were instant classics. I was surprised that a fourth film is being made. Whether or not it ends up being good, I’ll still watch, haha.

And you’re right, the focus now is on the new movie so the animated stuff is taking a back seat. Hopefully it doesn’t stay like this since I do want to see another animated series. For now, I’ll look forward to all the new toys that will inevitably come out.

Action, definitely. In the second film Optimus rips open a head of another Transformer. I can’t remember all the slow-down moments they had. The third film had had a falling building. The entire city being wiped out. I enjoyed the first 2 films more than the third because of that.
From random news that I pick up, there will be 2 more movies. It won’t star the previous actors. I heard Mark Wahlberg will be in it.

Thanks for the reccomendation for the original series. It will be interesting to see Transformers at it’s roots.

My only problem with the BAY* movies is that they focused a little TOO much on Sam Witwicky and not enough on the Autobots and Decepticons. now Dark of the Moon did improve a bit but still witwicky was still there, and if im not mistaken he only showed up about few times (technically the characters Witwicky) in the original Series. Thats my only REAL Complaint about it besides the fact it focused too much on the Action, but again DOTM did improve a bit.

*I dont technically hate the movies i just cant stand the way Michale Bay just pulled too much ACTION and BYFM FX on the screen. in the Films he portrays them as fighting robots instead of sentient thinking machines…hell Transformers Prime did a better job at that…btw that series is awesome and a breath of fresh air from the Anime and “Animated” versions. Yes it uses CG but at least it looks good and it kinda harkens back to Beast Wars…

That’s hollywood for you. That Sam kid got too much screen time, and so did Megan Fox. The title of the movie was “Transformers” not “Kid and his unstable girlfriend that hang with the 'Formers”.

You’re right though, they do like like fighting bots than individuals with character, like the animated shows had. In the various animated incarnations, they would have emotions.

I agree with you on that. Most of the Transformers series available here in the States were always focused more on the robots themselves than on humans. I know in the original cartoon, the humans were just supporting characters. The movies changed all of it and brought the focus on humans, sacrificing most of its title characters’ development. My problem with that is today’s generation won’t really be getting the complete picture of what Transformers are; Instead, they’ll just see them as big bad robots that are good at destroying things.

Then again, that was probably the purpose of the films when you consider how many Transformers universes are out there. You have your originals, your Japanese versions, various comic book versions, and then the live-action movie version.

TF: Prime is indeed a worthy series and the CGI was done well in my opinion. Yeah, it has humans, but they’re a complement.

Indeed and unlike the movies human characters (besides Lennox who was my personal fav throughout the films), the Human characters in Prime did agreeably compliment the series and even helped the Transformers Autobot team develop themselves. And yes the CG is a great improvment and its used pretty well…and personally its a whole lot better than the stuff seen in the anime versions. And though its not “real” like seen in the movies, its just as fluid and honestly i love the designs. they appear to have a combination of Organic and robotic the way Transformers are suppose to look like…and of course, and this is my favorite part, Peter Cullen and Frank Welker reprise their roles Since the Original Series (about 20 something years) respectively as Optimus Prime and Megatron (yes Peter Cullen did do the role in the films but they had Hugo Weaving as Megatron. dont get me wrong he did a terrific job but its not the same…Frank Welker does that intimidating yet, sort of, comedic presence.)…Freaking badassery at its finest…Hail Peter Cullen, King of VAs!

and Whose the Prince of VA’s? You Guessed it: Steven Jay Blum. Interesting to learn (to the NOOBS at home lol), he did the voice of Starscream in Prime and I have to say he did a very convincing portrayal.

Absolutely loved the VA for Prime Starscream. Very close to how the original cartoon Starscream was like and many in the fandom think the same thing. Man, this is making me want to get back to watching TF: Prime again.

I wonder if anyone here saw the original Transformers movie from the 80’s. Despite having watched the series, I actually never knew there was ever a movie that came out until two years ago.

Saw it a year or two back. didnt like it till i realized there were more seasons of “G1” (First Transformers, again to the NOOBS at home lol) and the movie connected the dots. I have only one problem but i wont state it here without spoiling it for DLinker.

Spoiling the movie? I’ve seen it already and I think the episodes I watched as a kid were those starting from the movie and onward. Unicron didn’t appear until the film and I remember the intro to the episodes showing his head floating around each time.

Fair enough…:stuck_out_tongue: with that out of the way the one thing i hate about the movie is that they killed off Optimus Prime. dun-dun-DUUUUUUUUUUN! the seasons after the movie were ok and Rodimus Prime was a competent Leader dont get me wrong but still Optimus was the once a future leader of the Autobots. as the case they revived him after about 20 something episodes IIRC and then boom the Big O is back in the drivers seat of the long hauler.

Hahaha, yeah, I heard offing Optimus in the movie was a huge low point for many fans (with some even saying it’s what transitioned them from kids to adulthood). I thought it was pretty unusual too, killing off a flagship character. As I got into the original universe more, it turned out to be not so unusual because in the comics, he’s been killed off a few times, only to come back again and again. Obviously reflected in the cartoon too :slight_smile:

That reminds me of one thing I wished was elaborated on more: Starscream’s indestructible Spark from the original series. I think Beast Wars was the only series that touched on it recently. He was such a scheming bastard that it sucked not seeing more done with the concept.

I’ve managed to find time to watch the original series.
It seems every adaption of this “G1” series has taken something from it. It looks like Michael Bay copied the roster from G1.
Also, did Megatron just transform into a rifle? I hadn’t seen something like that before. How is that possible!?

I remember in Energon how Ironhyde was made to be a rookie, and now comparing it to the original Ironhyde how much of an improvement it is. I like old Ironhyde better. I just miss some characters like Hot Shot and Red Alert, characters I grew fond of. Just like Energon, when you’re a 10 year old the last thing on your mind is how terrible the CG is, hahaha

It looks interesting though. I’ll be looking out for some more content from G1, but I’m not sure about that movie now… Oh well, Optimus dies in every series now, it seems.

The G1 series came from the comic so that’s where all of the inspirations, references, and derivations came from. For example, Megatron’s claw-like hand in the first movie was a reference to what happened to his hand in the comic (looks just like it too). Bay was appealing to as many fans as possible and the best way to do that is to stick to a familiar roster, which I thought was a good idea (not giving Soundwave enough screen time was a bad idea though, haha).

And yes, Megatron’s alt mode is actually a big hand gun, and yes, that’s what makes him such a stand-out :). Best not to think too much about how it’s possible because it does push the limits of the show’s sci-fi stuff (mass displacement, mass shifting, all that jazz). At least no one else has such an out-of-this-world alt form. The movie (80’s version) adds more to his character, giving us one of his most memorable quotes. If you’re going to watch the movie, be prepared to see characters getting killed off often.

Red Alert is in the G1 show, or are you saying you don’t like the G1 version? Not sure how he is in the other series, but in G1, he’s kind of a paranoid mess.

Soundwave was in the Bay film? I really have to go back and watch that (before 4 is released). I’m not a little bit sad I won’t be seeing that idiot Shia Labeuof make a fool of himself.

I’m concerned what Megatron toys where sold like. They did sell Megatron toys, right? If so, it didn’t transform? Least of all into a rifle?
I maybe MIGHT watch the movie. I don’t mind seeing characters die. I never grew up with this continuity, so I don’t think I might feel it, like kids watching it back then and being scared to see their favourites die. Come to think of it, nobody really died in the anime timeline, and if they did, they got brought back upgraded.
Like Inferno, one of the autobots, got his body melted pretty bad. They brought him back as Roadblock, I believe.

I hadn’t seen the G1 version yet. Can’t be tooooo different, because that Red Alert I knew was really paranoid, and he was a medical bot.

Can anyone explain how Galvatron changes from Megatron?

You mean Megatron to Galvatron, well in the G1 Continuity, he gets changed into Galvatron is because of Unicron in the Movie and he stays Galvatron, but is addressed as Megatron IIRC in the later Seasons. As for the others not so sure save for RID, when after fight Optimus for the power of Fortress Maximus Again IIRC, and instead of dying he was transformed into Galvatron.

Yep, Soundwave was in the Bay films. In the first film (or was it the second film?), you see him floating around in space at the very beginning before he launches Ravage (the cat robot thing) to Earth. Third film shows him and Laserbeak off more, but it’s still not much. I too am interested to see how an adult lead will do instead of a kid. Enough with the young/college-age kids already, haha.

As for the Megatron toys, there are versions of him using the G1 alt mode and they look so-so in robot mode. The appearance takes a big hit for a transformation like that. A famous version is the Masterpiece Megatron. One of the most difficult transformations ever conceived and the resulting robot mode looks more spindly than imposing, haha.

In the movie, anyone who died (apart from Optimus, Megatron, and maybe a couple of others) never came back. I think that’s what gave the deaths more impact.

And Kenico is right about the Megatron change. Basically, Megatron is on the verge of dying in the movie and then he encounters Unicorn who promises him power if he joins his efforts. Result is he gets upgraded into Galvatron.

Interesting to know. And they don’t give any story of how he becomes Galvatron, huh? It’s just something I’ve always been curious about, that palette change and everything.