Trade/Sell/Buy'ing some Stuff!


Plain & Simple stuff.

Everything I want I’d heavily prefer New In Box

[ul][li]MG Aile Strike/Zeta Base (The one that comes with the kits, Built/Unbuilt, doesn’t matter.)[]SD Sazabi[]SD Wing Gundam ver EW[]Metal Detail-up Parts(Doesn’t matter if used or new or whatever it may be)[]SD KShatriya[]SD Banshee[]& To be Honest, just let me know what you have! but I’m a sucker for SD Kits :stuck_out_tongue:[/ul][/li]
[ul][li]Valvrave Unit 6 (New In Box)(Possibility of Trading this away)[*]More to be added.[/ul][/li]
Like I said if you are selling or trading off something let me know what it is! I’d like to get rid of the RG Freedom TBH since I have 2 of them… Also if you want I can upload some pictures if you need them but everything I have are in literally brand new condition.

And for reference I am located in Austin, TX 78750.

I heavily prefer Trades to Selling/Buying!

PM sent :slight_smile:

How much for the RG Freedom. I don’t have an RG in my collection, and I really like the Freedom’s design.

I’d do $25 if your in the US although I’d prefer to wait and see if I can get trades in x.x

I’m in the US and that sounds fair. I’ll let you know through a PM that I’ve got the money, and then we can work out the details. Sounds good?

Yea, I can let you know. I’m more so looking for trades but I’d be down if I can’t get it traded away.

I live in Canada :frowning:

Shot through the heart!


And your to blame!
You give looove, a bad name!

Had to do it. Too easy to pass up.

I was hoping for a follow up.


Anyone got a Zeta Base or Strike Base? ;__;

I’ve got both the Mk-II base and the Zeta base, and I MIGHT be interested in trading them. However, it all depends on what you got.

As far as trades I believe I have

[ul][li]Valvrave Unit 6 Hiasobi[*]Action Base 2 (Clear Blue)[/ul][/li]
Both are brand new off-course, still in packaging.

Not really interested in any those. However if I find someone who has a Zeta and/or a Mk-II base, I’ll send them your way.

Would you sell it by chance? I just need 1

I’m kind of hesitant to as I really like them and they are the only bases I have for my MG’s.

Someone is bound to have these right?

I have a metal finish HGUC Gouf, MIB. Heck, the shrinkwrap is still on. :slight_smile: I am looking for other HG in exchange.

Happen to have pics of it?

I’d love that o_o

Ah, here it is, “MS-07B GOUF Extra Finish Version”. Alas, it is not wrapped, the shine was reflection of the dust on it. :stuck_out_tongue: The box has definitely seen better day, but the booklet, sticker sheet, and all the intact runners (in baggies) are there. Do you have a HG kit to trade for it?