Topcoating Beginner's Discussion

Hi there.
Since I just topcoated part my first model and didn’t see a topic about it I just wanted to drop this here.

Maybe this will help not only me but also others,
Since I didn’t find a guide or YouTube video that could answer my questions about thickness, doing multiple coats etc.

So this is the issue I’m having:

I used a tamiya silk matte rattle can and applied a coat that looked rather glossy around the edges after it dried. Now what I’m wondering about is,
did i use too much or to little.
I tried to applie a second coat to make it look more dull and maybe thats making it worse?
Looks like this on most coated parts:

So now let’s say the topcoat on this zeta arm is too thin. Thats why I tried applying second coats on other parts I have lying around with little to no effect.
Second option (which seems to be the case but I can only guess), it’s too thick.
Are there any options to save these parts?

In my experience, when a top coat has a reaction like that. It’s not due to a heavy layer. But an external factor. I have had the top coat do that when the overall humidity is high, or the parts have residue on them.

Being from a rattle can, it’s also possible it wasn’t fully shaken when used. There are numerous causes that could explain it.

For saving the parts. All you’d need to do is remove the top coat. I’m not familiar with the one you used, but it’s possible cleaning the parts with ISO alcohol will remove it. Or a soak in some power purple.

Ah yes,
I’ve read a comment about humidity being a factor after coating the parts and that could absolutely be what happened here. I sprayed the parts in a barn outside and the humidity was about 90% these days.
There’s one part I did today. I sprayed outside, used a hairdryer on medium heat and let it dry inside, this is the result:

It might be a bit hard to see but the result is way better. But with the difference that I used less of the topcoat.

If humidity was the factor and this grenade launcher pack needs more spray, would it be safe to do a second coat (same brand of course)
Under dry conditions?

Shaking the can might not be the issue, that’s something I’m paying attention to.

You need to be careful when it comes to stripping parts. I experiment with a lot of products, some will work well, but make the plastic brittle or melt if left in to long. While others will soften the top coat, but you need to scrub it a lot.

Like TH recommended Purple power and 91% Iso Alcohol are the safest but require a lot of scrubbing.

Did you paint the kit? If not, I would try wet sanding the part first with 1000, and 2000 grit sand paper. Sometimes that will get rid of the orange peel and you can clean the part for respray.

So what you’re saying is that more coats won’t save these parts, right?
And no, they are not painted. But I gotta see if I want to try and remove the coat, because it’s surely gonna destroy the dry decals.

Honestly I doubt more coats would help. The top coat is over the decals, correct?

Yes, I only did it to cover them

Adding more layers isn’t the fix. You’re just adding layers on top of the bad one. If there are decals present that you’d like to preserve, RX’s suggestion of fine grit sand paper would be the best course. You could very gently go over the top coated areas until they are uniform and smooth. Taking great care to not get down into the decals.

Since the decals are protected wet sanding with very fine sandpaper is the best option.

I see, thanks.
I have fine sanding sponges (3000).
Guess I gotta try that then.

3000 will, it’ll just take time.