top coat problem

So I am building my first gundam model. It’s a SD Freedom. Honestly I’m disappointed because I didn’t take my time but whatever. So I go to spray some Mr hobby flat top coat on it and the tamiya flat red turns super runny. Any suggestions?

How long has that Tamiya red been curing? And did it look like you may be sprayed too heavy of a coat?

Some of the red cured over 24 hours. Some 3-4 days. Top coat sprayed lightly

Interesting. Mr. Hobby topcoat does thin Tamiya Acrylics in my experience. I’ve used it on it and it worked fine, though. Did you give it a mist coat first, or just started off with a wet coat?

Mist coats. 2nd or 3rd spray it got runny and shitty

Hmm. After every coat, did the topcoat give off a nice, wet sheen?

Sure did. I’m super green at modeling. Maybe I rushed it

Okay. How long did you wait in between coats?

Couple of hours.

Ok then. I think I’ve found the root of the problem. Even though you let the topcoat dry for hours before re coating, you applied too much. You probably didn’t need to re coat the pieces, and the extra topcoat softened the paint and made it run.

Ok. Good thing I didn’t start off on a expensive model

Appreciate the help

Yea, a flat coat should never look wet. Once you start seeing it as glossy, that means you’ve sprayed way to much.