Did any body ever Watch CN? I you answer yes, do you remember a “Block” called Toonami? Remember back in 2008 when they “killed” it? I do. I remember when i used to come home from school and watch classics like DBZ (my mom still has nightmares every night scared ill screamm “KAMEHAMEHA!!!” in the middle of the night) or what about Outlaw Star or Ruroni kenshin or Big O Better yet, how about Reboot? In Fact, Toonami is the Place where I was introduced to Gundam. Sadly, Toonami has been off the air for 3 years running now, and I think i speak for all of us now that i wish CN would bring back Toonami. And i dont mean the late Toonami i mean GOOD Toonami (with DBZ, Gundams ALL of them except G:dont like G! HISSSS G!, Reboot, Ronin Warriors, and any others Im ashamed of not remembering!) An no wussy shows like the ones they have now(though on the other hand Star Wars: the Clone wars and the anime lineup on AS would make an exellent addittion to the Block), Real good anime we all now regard as treasurses that actually made us think! And Once more, if they do bring it back with all of the above, i believe that their Ratings and their Viewers would go through the Freaking roof! So to my fellow brothers and sisters of anime fandom, I ask you again. Do you Remember good ol Toonami?:smiley:

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It’s pointless to bring back something that doesn’t work anymore. If they bring back Toonami it’s endless filtered anime, it won’t be uncensored as it’s a kids channel. Besides, CN has it’s own shows it can produce and create, in a cheaper way than dubbing anime and licensing it for US.

I’d actually prefer it if FUNimation and Bandai got their own channels instead.

In the US? Hell Yeah! Now THAT i would love to see!

Yeah for the US. I think it would bring massive attention back to the anime market that could bring titles of anime not considered for US release to us.

Same should also apply to the manga released, may open up for all those Japan only Gundam stories.

You took the words right outta my mouth!LOL

Or since we’re on the internet “I took the words right outta your head”. LOL!

i’ll drink to that!

Toonami itself wouldn’t work anymore (for reasons listed by Exia). I do think that Syfy’s ani-monday block could have been turned into a success similar to Toonami’s peak years, if they had bothered to promote it properly, since Syfy’s target audience is lined up pretty well with the anime market’s target audience. At least it did before they started shifting from airing actual Sci Fi to airing wrestling and reality shows. Basically, I think that an anime block airing on a channel with the old Sci-Fi’s demographics and a proper marketing push (think toonami promos during the Wing/DBZ days) would be more successful than a straight up reboot of toonami on CN. CN’s target audience today is much younger than it was in 2000; it is no longer an appropriate home for Toonami style block as a result.

Ooh! Idea just popped in my head: How about Toonami not as a block on any channel…But as it’s OWN channel!!!Hows about THAT!

That got my hopes so high up, damn shame.

Though I do watch the wrestling, the reality shows are getting overdone as they’re on everyday on Sci-Fi, while WWE Smackdown is a Friday night only (which airs 8-10 and could be used to show anime after that).

To be honest I think it won’t last for a couple years. Well the reality show part, the wrestling is better quality (as in picture quality) on their new channel compared to their old one. And gets pretty high ratings compared to the other Sci-Fi shows.

Yeah Likwise on the Si-Fi.
What do u all think about a US Channel devoted strictly anime (Example callingit Toonami in honor of the old block)?

Its name is Anime Network. ADV ran it before splitting itself up like Voltron. The problem is that it was left to die on extended service digital cable and satellite; few people outside of anime geeks (and ADV customers) even knew about it. Toonami worked because the anime block had some demographic crossover with Cartoon Network, a relatively successful/popular (at least at the time) cable station. Syfy had the demographics (Trekkies, Stargaters, and Battlestar fans; read: geeks), but it never made the attempt to push the shows featured on its anime block to fans of its existing shows. Toonami was pushed during regular CN; it only started to fade (as a whole) when CN, as a network, decided to aim for a younger audience following 9/11. Syfy had the shows and the audience, it just needed Toonami’s marketing team to bring the two together.

Hells yes!!!

Yea after my Generations (class of 2012). After we became 12 CN grew very week in cartoons, they all became very childish and now they all just suck. I wish Gundam’s still came on tv. BTW i have charter cable anyone know of any gundam shows that come on tv?

none right now i dont think of, but when in doubt, theres always the good ol NET!

Actually in my opinion they are starting to make a comeback. Shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Thundercats, and Young Justice I find to be a higher quality than shows they were airing a few years back. Hell, even the Looney Tunes Show has its moments (anything with Lola in it is gold). Granted many if not all of the shows mentioned are rated TVPG, but if that’s what they need to do to produce these higher quality shows then I’m all for it. Shows that they bring over from Canada (Sidekick, Almost Naked Animals, TDA, Stoked, and Johnny Test for example) seem to be one of the factors that is giving CN a bad rep these past few years. I’m not saying that all Canadian cartoons are bad because I would be lying. Reboot, Courage, and Ed, Edd n Eddy were all shows I found to be fantastic. I just find many shows that they pump out today to be not as good as they were in the past.

the day i see good anime come back to CN (most likely on Adult Swim) is the day i watch the whole season on whatevers the worst anime to hit NA shores,
btw Ed, Edd, and Eddy is canadian holy crap!

Ed, Edd, and Eddy was a great cartoon

I remeber toonami, first place that got me into Gundam (when G ran) kinda miss it, Also Miss Ani-monday on Sy-Fy, it’s where I saw all of 00 and got my Marcross and Monster fix, shame it went down the tubes.
I haven’t seen Adult Swim in forever (as I don’t have CN anymore) but do they still run any anime, they had bleach going for a long time. Only other Chanel that played any anime that I know of besides them is when Spike Ran Afro Samurai, god I loved that show.

wish I had better net to get my Anime fix, or if another Anime Chanel came to be.

They still runing Anime on AS but its not as good as Trinity Blood or any thing. theyre still airing Bleach, but i lost intrest with it after the 100th somthin episode, my bro watches InuYsha and dont get me wrong id watch that seeing the only good shows on AS now are Robot Chicken, the Boondocks and the Venture Brothers. I even heard that in Japan, theyre making a sequel Series to follow up on this Cult Classic, and some of the English Voice actors were “on standby” for the dubbing. Man i hated that they dumped Ani-monday on Syfy (like you, thats where i got my taste of OO), aslo i wish they would broadcast another Anime Network on my Satalite Provider, theyve got it but id have to see it online and if thats the case ill watch it on ANN or somewhere else. in Afro Samurais case: Samuel Jacksons one of the baddest MOFO on this planet. man i loved that show, a little weird at times for me, but still bad to the bone for my tastes. You know what id love to see either on AS or Spike? either to old or new movie of Vampire Hunter D. Man i saw that movie one time and i went “DAMN! HE IS A BEAST!”. i highly reccomend that or Trinity Blood for any Vampire fans out there (also their respective Novels) but that topic is for another thread.