Tomino on AoT manga!

Honestly, I’ve never read AoT (and based on ANN’s description and Tomino’s critique, it doesn’t sound like my kind of series), but I am amused by how he’s gotten all the AoT fanboys on ANN to lash out at him. Anyone who’s read anything about Tomino, knows that he’s a cantankerous old goat, who pretty much criticizes everything (including his own work), so it’s funny to see just how perturbed he’s made the ANN AoT fanboys. They are literally arguing that Gundam is not relevant in Japan, facts be damned. I can’t make this crap up. Still it’s worth a chuckle or two.

I haven’t AoT too, but I did get a cheap laugh out that article when I read it earlier.

Read the comments. The fanboy angst caused by Tomino’s criticism is simply precious.

Okay, the comments were funnier. Like I said, I haven’t seen or read AoT so I can’t give my two cents on it.

I have seen AoT (SnK), and I like it. Pretty much reminds me of Gantz. It’s horror is kinda weird which makes me drawn into it. Whatever Tomino said on that article, I don’t care. I enjoy it. LOL

He’s criticizing the manga, so I have no idea how much of that criticism is applicable to the anime.

I watched the anime, and think it’s good, although I think the pacing is rather slow (I’m never watching the 57th expedition again!)
However I haven’t read the manga.

The only experience I have with it is the abridged that Team Four Star made (Which was f*** mothering hallarious), so I really can’t comment, but it did convince me to watch it when I have the time.

That said Tomino has allways been, well a bit Cranky and out spoken when he doesn’t like something. He even said flat out victory shouldn’t be whatched, and he’s done it with other things as well. Everyone gets an opinion. I like the Fanboy response as well. Tomino single handedly spearheaded a Genre, and they think they’re the experts. (Can’t say I really agree with him, but I can’t disagree either seeing as my Knowledge of AoT is the Abridged)

Yeah I have watched it and I can kind of see where he is coming from. However, he criticizes the author for drawing from past experiences which is what you are supposed to do and I think all the titans have grotesque faces because you are supposed to feel hate towards them.

I have seen the anime first before reading the manga. The drawings look a lot better in the anime. Not joining the bandwagon of its fanboys or what, I just honestly like it for what it is. It’s dark, depressing, tragic, and hopeless. It makes me interesting how things will turn out to be.