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The shame is Bandai not having Figurerise kits of Black, Blade, Decade, or Faiz.

They are making the original 2 Riders, that’s a step in the right direction.

Yes it is. I suppose it would be too much to ask for a legal subbed release of Black or Blade in the US… (although I’d happily import a Japanese Blu ray with subs, if need be).

Me: Children, this is a real Kamen Rider. points to Riderman
Children: Why does he have a robot arm?
Me: The bad men shoved his real arm into acid.
Children: stare back in horror
Me: That is an imposter. points to Saban’s Masked Rider

Ah, Kamen Rider, the Batman of Japanese tokusatsu.

I’m am personally a fan of the Kiva series. I haven’t seen it the whole way through but I do love me some Ixa. Just looks so intense.

OOO, Kiva, and decade all look pretty cool too.

Decade shares a trait with the two of us SFA, check your PMs for more info (probably not appropriate for the general forums)… :wink:

[i]SFA suggested creating a thread for tokusatsu in general in one of our chats. So here it is.

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Kamen Rider is awesome and needs to get more subbed releases in America. Seriously, for a kids show, it’s like a Japanese Batman.

Feel free to discuss other tokusatsu shows/movies this thread as well.

Fun Fact: Kamen once had an SD anime movie. I have no idea if it was any good or not.

Here’s a random KR pic from the net:

I think my favorites from the modern Kamen Rider series are Kabuto and W. As for Super Sentai, going on looks alone some of my favorites are Sun Vulcan, Dairanger, Gokiager, Zyuranger, and Jetman. Kakuranger and Shinkenger get honorable mentions for their simplicity design wise.

I recently finished watching Kamen Rider Kabuto, my first entry into Tokusatsu.

And I loved it!

Did anyone else catch the news that there’s going to be a Kamen Rider/Super Sentai (Power Ranger) crossover movie next year?
It will have something like 40 riders and 200 rangers.

That new series Gobusters looks awesome.

Toku thread? Fudge yes! I am a toku fan more than an anime fan (despite seeing so little). Ultraman is my favorite toku franchise, but last year I got into more stuff including Kamen Rider and not too long ago the Metal Heroes series starting with the Space Sheriff trilogy. I intend to get into super sentai eventually, I just don’t have a proper place to start. Might as well give my rankings for stuff I have watched. Starting with Ultraman:

Dyna > Gaia > Nexus > Jack > Mebius > Tiga > Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey > Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle > Powered > 80 > Ultraman > Max > Leo > Great > Neos > Taro > Ace > Ultra Seven > Cosmos > USA > Ultra Seven X > Ultra Q > Ultra Zero Fight > Nice

Kamen Rider:

Skyrider > OOO > Amazon > Black RX > Black > Decade > Stronger > Fourze > J > ZO > ZX > Agito > Kuuga > V3 > 555 > Ryuki > W > Hibiki > Blade > Shin > G > SD > Kabuto > The First > The Next

And for other miscellaneous toku:

Space Sheriff Sharivan > Inazuman Flash > Space Sheriff Gavan > Android Kikaider > Extraordinary Zubat > Giant Robo > Garo: Makai Senki > Inazuman > Super Robot Red Baron > Unofficial Squad Akibaranger Season Pain > Garo > Iron King > Kikaider 01 > Unofficial Squad Akibaranger > Cutey Honey: The Live > Bio Planet WoO

This reminds me I need to start watching the new Garo series. (ha) Currently watching Ultraman Joneus, Kamen Rider Wizard and Stronger (last of which I only have 5 eps left in, so I ranked it with other rider shows ahead of time), and Space Sheriff Shaider. I am also a member of the Ultraman wiki and have been editing it for nearly a year while being active in the fan base since 2006 so if you have questions about it I am your guy.:cool:

I’ve been wanting to watch Kamen Rider and Space Sheriff. If Supaidaman (Japanese Spiderman) is considered Toku it’s sadly the only Toku I’ve seen. What’s the best place to start with Kamen Rider?

What’s the best place to start with Kamen Rider?

Depends if you’re looking for serious or fun tone/character or plot driven story/sympathetic or basic main characters/if dated effects and writing are an issue.

I started on Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, an american version using Kamen Rider Ryuki for stock footage. I loved it, made me wanna watch Ryuki. Which I did. I planned on watching more Kamen Rider but never got around to it.

I like either serious or fun tone, character driven story, basic main characters, and dated effects and writing are fine with me. I like the campiness of the older stuff.