Titanium Finishes

Hey, does anyone know how I can get a nice titanium color finish? Like Blue, Red, Green, etc?

Do you have a picture of what you’re asking about? Because different people think different things about “titanium finishes.” I’ve seen people say spraying the clear over chrome is titanium, when that’s a candy finish. To get a true look imo, you’d need to add fine pigment flakes to your paint, like what is done on cars. Most of the titanium kits that bandai puts out are done using a plating technique.

Yep, there are a couple of tutorials on you tube about this. Most lay down a silver base and then use a ‘clear’ color coat over that. You could use Tamiya clear red, blue or yellow to get your desired finish color

This kind of blue. Ive been trying to figure this out for awhile till i saw that someone has made this kind of finish. I’ve tried asking him but no reply. He is from Korea.

You could also go this route. Alclad a wide assortment of Candy colors.


That is a lot of help thank you. Im not to sure on mixing of paints and thinners. I hear a ratio of 2:1 is good. if that correct? Or is there something better?

Do 1:1 first and see. I use 1:1 on most acrylic and lacquer paint for airbrush work.

You don’t thin Alclad paint. It’s prethinned. The ANA colors are done with plating.

Hi guys,

Had a quick search around and couldn’t find an exact answer on the forum so thought I’d post this up (delete the thread if need be mods)

Right so i am attempting a Candy / Titanium finish on my mercurious upper arm pieces. Some people call this titanium others candy although technically it is candy as I’m putting a silver base then using the clear colour on top.

So here is my problem. I hand painted the base colour (Tamiya XF-56 Metallic grey) 2 coats as that looked solid enough with a nice finish. Left that to dry and then I hand painted a single layer of the clear paint (Tamiya X-27 Clear Red) so the clear coat just looked terrible it was inconsistent thicker in places etc. :frowning: I’m terrible with hand painting but this just looked beyond bad. The paint literally dried as soon as I brushed it on. It seems near impossible to get a good finish hand painting these paints, have sanded them down twice and tried again each time with the same result :frowning:

I recently purchased an airbrush off of a friend so was wondering whether or not to try running the clear paint through the Airbrush or not? Does anyone have any thinning advice on these paints :confused:

Your help will be greatly appreciated guys :slight_smile:


If handpainting the clear, did you thin it in any way? That’s probably why it’s drying on you so quickly. Also, metallic grey is too dull. Try Chrome Silver.

Try out the AB if possible and thin the clear the paint with Tamiya’s acrylic or lacquer thinner at a ratio of 1:1.5 (paint:thinner), then spray at 15 PSI. You’ll need to build up a layer slowly to avoid it pooling up.

You need to paint more than one coat. Did you thin the paint? That’s probably why it’s drying so fast. Don’t thin the paint. I did a similar thing, and it worked out fine without thinner.

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