Tired of the absence of precision with cotton swab when using remover

ok, so I found out care of the pour type set’s instruction panel that I’m not supposed to touch the remover to the paint, but rather touch remover to a cotton swab(aka q-tip) and use that.

problem is, this is a completely imprecise approach that more often than not removes what I was trying to remove…plus everything around it, so if say I need to undo a goof with the eye piece on a kit, I’ve more or less just been forced into starting essentially from scratch(I hand paint my eyes+shadowing where possible)

is there a tool of some sort that would be ideal for use here, that is a wee bit more…precise perhaps?

Have you considered this?

oh my god thats PERFECT…I didn’t even know that existed!

I saw it awhile back and I’ve been curious on how well it works.

and I just spent the money I was gonna use on this…on a new desk chair, because my old one literally just tried to betray and kill me ^^;