Tinting clear canopy?

I’m going to tint the canopy on the VF-25. The question is how to go about it. I have not decide which color to use. Either clear yellow or clear smoke.

If I spray. Should I spray the outside or the inside of the canopy or both?

I also read that some people have done it using a yellow Sharpie on the inside or dipping the whole part into thinned clear yellow repeatedly. I assume those methods are for people without an airbrush or is there some other advantage that I missed?

Great tutorial on how to do it. Also, just check out all of the tutorials on that site, there are some really in depth write ups.


Thanks for the link. Read the article but the future+food color was not perfected although he mention wanting to try 2 thinner coats. I wonder why he went with mixing food color and using gold paint rather than using the many clear color readily available.

It looks much more natural.