Tiger & Bunny

Has anyone ever seen this?

I’m watching it on Hulu atm and it’s just pure wonderousness.

I love the art and animation and the characters. I love Barnaby’s suit. Poetential Astraea Kitbash to looks like it.

I’m currently on ep 18. Anyone else love this show?

Oh wait nevermind. Just finished the whole series.

So is there going to be a Season 2?! There needs to be!

I love Tiger and Bunny!
good to know that I’m not the only one who watches it…

I just got Asterisk and GNZ to start watching it. Red and I were talking about it a lot on my birthday.

Great show was great. It was pretty popular when it premiered in Japan, so there’s a good chance it’ll get a second season. I want Kotetsu’s outfit so bad.

Somehow I completely missed this thread! I have seen this amazing show and absolutely EVERYONE here needs to watch it! I cannot express how great Tiger & Bunny is.

The overwhelming popularity and praise for this show from you guys has convinced me to start watching.

You won’t be dissappointed. Id be willing to bet that you end up watching a ton of episodes in one marathon sitting. It happens a lot with that show.

I finally started watching…lol I saw on amazon that it had been dubbed. I’ve seen the first four episodes and I’m really enjoying it! I got my brother into the show too.