ThWalker's Completed Projects

Well, I have finally completed project #1. The RG 1/144 Aile Strike. I took some pictures for you all. And I’ll try to take a few more whenever I manage to get an action base for it. Hope you all enjoy. And keep an eye on my project thread. Cause there are more projects to come. Oh, I forgot to mention. The areas inside shield are actually not stickers. The decals were not cooperating so I painted them instead.

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Very cool! Nice job on the assembly and the little details you ended up painting instead of using the stickers turned out nice. Looking forward to your next project.

Thanks Joe. I’m actually not looking forward to it at all. So much taping is going to be involved it’s insane. bleh. But I do have a question. That Walther’s Solvaset that I bought, does only work with water slides? Or will it also work with stickers?

Another winner right here. I honestly feel like your painted detail looks far better than the stickers also. Oh, and the more i here about what you’ve got planned for your base the more i’m anticipating it myself. Just take your time with it and pull of that awesome work like we have been seeing from you so far.

Well I plan on making it look as awesome as I can. Only thing I’m really dreading is all the taping.

You know, I haven’t tried it on stickers… Interesting idea. If I have any spare stickers from Wing Gundam (SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE!) I’ll try it out and let you know.

Decently assembled pal.

No words to describe them, lolz :smiley:

Awesome. Thanks man. I might try to use it on my RG Mk.II that’s in the mail.

Thanks Deathscythe.

I’ll come back to this experiment in a few hours, later this evening, to see how it worked out.

Sweet man. Let me know. Cause if it works pretty well then I might try it out on my RG Mk.II when I get it done.

okay, so I won’t bother with a picture. The Solvaset did very little for the sticker. When I came back to it, the edges had peeled up around the square and it did nothing to make the BANDAI lettering sink in. So I’m going to say it doesn’t do anything for stickers. It was worth trying though, had it worked I would have busted out all my old MG kits and gone over every sticker :-P.

Well it was worth a try, and at least now we know that it doesn’t work. Thanks for the test Joe.

Is Solvaset better than Tamiya Mark Fit or Mr. Mark Softer / Setter? Do you use something like Mark Softer too or just Solvaset? Is there any difference?

Not quite at that stage yet, but I do have some decals on the way and I don’t want to mess them up.

mark setters are pretty useless, mark softer on the other hand is a must.

Joe swears by Walther’s Solvaset. So I picked up a bottle to try.

Alrighty. Last night I was rather stressed for time so I took some basic pictures of my newly completed RG Mk.II Titans version. I plan on taking a few more tonight in some different poses. So take a look at these, and tell me what you think. I’ll be back with more pics and another project.

wow oooo nice job, are those decal dry rub or water transfer? I never like the sticker look because it just dont look right.
RG MK II. Is there some thing that makes the sticker look better on these gundams? Im trying to learn all these techniques to make my kits look better…