thwalker's Build Thread

Well since everyone seems to be doing a build thread with all their current projects. I thought I would as well considering I have a few projects laying around. I’ll try to keep things a little organized as much as I can. I’ll start the thread off with project #1. The RG Aile Strike. Any project I start afterwards will simply be #2 and so forth. Any who. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I am.

Project 1: 1/144 RG Aile Strike

I started this thing while I was painting my Banshees. But with their demand of attention I really wasn’t able to work on it that much. But now that they are done. I can finally get started on getting this guy together. This is what I’ve got so far. I do have both legs done. And I just now finished the waist. Though I forgot to take pictures of it. lol

I don’t know if you can see it. But there is a break in the framework above the calf area. This came about cause I misunderstood the directions and put 2 inner frame pieces on the opposite sides. So nothing really fit properly. And while trying to take the piece off after I realized the problem. She broke. Just goes to show that one really needs to pay very close attention with these RG kits. Even an experienced builder like myself can screw up. lol

bummer about the piece man. have you thought about sanding or scraping away the nub marks with a hobby knife? looks like there isn’t to many really visible ones but that would greatly improve this oob build

I have I just really havn’t gotten around to actually trying that method yet. I did sand them down on my Banshee. But that kit was getting painted. So the bad looking sand marks were going to be covered up.

then the hobby knife scrape will be perfect because as long as you don’t dig in it turns out pretty unnoticable, for sure less noticable then nubs.

i usually sand mine but when i did the scrape i would cut off as much as i could with the knife without going in deep and then slide the knife over the spot in questiom at a somewhere between 45 and 90 degree angle and that will clean her right up.

Nice. I’ll give it a try next time I work on the Strike. I plan on doing some sanding when I build my 00 Raiser. But I should have some Gundam Markers by then to take care of that.

hmm maybe. i think you jsut need to man up and do a full paint build off with me lol just playin… but seriously lol… it would be fun…

I agree that it would be fun. I just need a break from painting for a little while. Painting both Banshees in a row kinda burnt me out. But I plan on painting more in the future. I just want to take a break and try out some new things. My next challenge, decals.

well i wont be ready for a minimum of 2-2 1/2 months before i could even think about doing it so if you are ready then, let me know

After watching Vegeta8259’s nub removal tutorial, I’ll be picking p some automotive sand paper because it looked like it left little to no “sandpaper mark”. Might what to take a look at that video, Walker.

400-800-1000 will leave no scarring but it will make the finish slightly duller but so will the knife teq but depending on how you sand me personally i make sanding sticks and it affects a larger are then the knife. but i haven’t seen that video so idk what he does but just experiment thats the best thing to do IMO

Agreed. I started the arms last night. But wasn’t able to finish them cause of company showing up. So I’m going to attempt to get them finished today. Hopefully GS&M will get in my next project here soon.

Got the arms done. Since both are the same. I only took a picture of one. But, I think they turned out good. All they need are the decals. Which I’ll do after I get the whole kit put together.

Well I got the entire MS put together. But I’ve run into a problem. It would seem that this RG suffers from “lose neck syndrome”. The ball joint for the head unit is lose that it can’t even be posed. The head falls 100% of the time and the slightest movement causes it fly all over the place. Looking into a solution now.

Looks really nice. Like the bronze bits on the arm. I have to get better at hand painting small details.

Yeah I’ve tried using those foil stickers that come with the RG kits for the joints and I have the worst luck with them. They will not get into place and if the do they will not stay in place. So I finally just said to hell with them and did some slight painting. Works 100% better in my opinion.

Well I got a small update. I used Joe’s advice to use some glue to fix the Strike’s loose neck. Worked like a charm. Thanks again Joe. I also got the Beam Rifle, and Shield done. So the only thing left, is the Aile Striker pack. Pretty sure that I need to pick up an action base for this guy at some point. He’ll make a nice addition to my SEED collection. Right next to my RG Freedom and eventually the RG Justice. Also keep in mind that I have not put any decals on this guy yet. I prefer to do that After everything is done.

Lookin’ good, man. Glad I could help out about the head. Yeah, as I’m sure you are aware the decals for a RG take about as long as it takes to build it :-P. I hate working with so many markings but the results are SO worth the tedium.

I agree. It took me forever to place the ones I used for my RG Freedom. And I didn’t even use 1/2 of them. But like you said, they are well worth the extra time.

That is one VERY clean build man! This is the type of stuff i want to focus on when i start back to building. Great work.