Thousand Sunny ship

Hey guys,

Just finished this today. Took about a week to complete. Really loved doing this kit - very fun. I enjoyed the figure painting too, it was a lot of fun. If you’re interested this song gives the pics a good vibe while looking:

Box and inside:

Progress photos:



Figures clearcoated:

Completed project:

Sweeeeeet! I also have the kit; the New World version. Bandai also released a General Franky model kit not so long ago.

Anyways, you did a really good job putting the Sunny together. Oh and the miniatures, damn spot on! You must have tremendous focus and patience.

Yes, I think I may get one of the other ships too. I just ordered the Blackbeard model kit from Atlantis and will get it in a few days. I just get completely focused and patience when doing these kits. I love them! They are my life!

Wow very nice! Always wanted to build one but never really bother buying one. Been busy collecting MG gundams.

Those little figures look awesome man. All around great job.

Those figures look pretty much factory fresh quality. I thought that they were already painted straight out of the box.

Awesome job on the figures!

Incredible work on the figures. It’s clever that you just left them on the runners to paint. Makes sense to me since it would be easy to touch up the nub areas.

That’s pretty much what I do. I’ll paint them on the sprues, then once I am complete, remove them with a hobby knife. Then I’ll touch the cut part up with paint - you can’t even tell.

Thanks for all the kind words, by the way! :slight_smile:

Wow! not a one piece fan, but those figures look great! I don’t think I’ll be able to do something as good as that.