This hand of mine is burning red!!! Its loud roar cries for me to bitch slap you!!!

I just finished watching that episode of Gundam 00 in which Ribbons Almark backhanded the dog shit outta Wong Leu-Mei. After that i had a vision of Bright Noa and Ribbons Almark having a Gundam metaverse bitch slap contest. Who else did alot of smacking around in the Gundam metaverse? And who would win?

Hmm i was watching Zeta and i’d have to add Wong Lee to the list. He did some corrections. Im not a huge fan on ZZ but I did like it when Judah corrected Wong Lee i thought It was too funny. No one would ever pull that sh** on Bright. Bright hands down is the king of bitch slaps

Wong Lee was bitch slapping the fuck outta people. He was competing with Bright in that series. He looked goofy as hell, but he laid down the law!!!