Third time watching Mobile Fighter G Gundam

The first time I was exposed to G Gundam was like 6 or 7 years old, and of course, I didn’t know what the whole animation is about. Fast forward when I was a university student, I watched G Gundam again in the boy’s dormitory. At that time there was a thing called BT Torrent (illegal**) and this is how those boys managed to watch it for free. However, it was hard me to accept that as a part of the Gundam Universe.

Thank you Sunrise to make this series free to watch. Not until this third time I started to appreciate the story. Domon’s dad was framed for treason because the villains wanted to possess Devil Gundam for their greed. This is also why the animation did not end after Domon won the championship. Rain chose not to cross path with this guy again because of the guilt of her dad. While I enjoy every episode until the end, I still have some unanswered questions. Hope you guys can shine some light on them…

  1. Why is Master Asia the only one who doesn’t need to coat himself with the “combat suit”?

  2. It is said that Kyoji (Domon’s brother) cloned every personality into the fallen German fighter before he was possessed by Devil Gundam. How did Kyoji also learn all the martial arts and still remained superior to Domon?

  3. What is the remaining member of the 4 Devils among with Raven Gundam, Grand Gundam and the one that Allenby piloted and fought against Rain?

  4. How do these Gundam converted / transformed from the originals? How is it even possible for Grand Gundam to be embedded into the ordinary size Gundam the British guy piloted??

  5. From the above question, why are the British and Italian guys eligible in the final round in Hong Kong? Aren’t their respective Gundam heads destroyed by Shining Finger!?

  6. How can Domon not be able to realize the “Master Gundam” that lured him into the trap of Master Asia is only a dummy (Death army MS with a pair of wings of Master Gundam) LOL?

and lastly

  1. Why was Domon declared the champion? Isn’t “fighting down to the last man” the rule? Apparently the Shuffle members were still alive!

Sorry for so many questions and how do you all like the G Gundam series? The scenes that astonished me the most are 1) Domon successfully used the rusted sword to guard against the blade of Gundam Spiegel and if you think #1 is not impressive enough… 2) Master Asia can defeat a death army MS effortlessly with his bare hands LOL

In all honesty, I hate G Gundam with a passion. Worst series ever.

Oh I love G Gundam, one of my all time favorite Gundam shows!

As for your questions.

1: I think the simple answer is, because he’s Master Asia. The man can destory mobile suits with his bare hands! He’s probably just willing the Gundam too move with his sheer awesomeness!

2: I think maybe those were the skills of the germen fighter. Could also be the Dark Gundam had information of older gundam fights in it and simply learned from them.

3: The remaining member of the 4 heavenly kings is actually the Master Gundam. I can see how one would miss that, but yeah it the Master Gundam and Master Asia.

4: I’m pretty sure they are able to transform because of the DG cells from the Dark Gundam.

5: I’m really not sure. My best guess is, Master Asia.

6: Don’t remember that episode too well. Maybe he wasn’t paying attention at the time?

Hope that helps. Glad to see another G Gundam fan :slight_smile:

I hated it at first because it was just non-sensical, but I grew to love it. I can’t watch it subbed, though. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel the same as the dub version.

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Honestly I wasn’t a fan of it either when it first came out, but then I watched it a few years ago and enjoyed it. It’s not my favorite series, but it is entertaining for what it is.

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Actually only watched about 3 1/2 episodes. Will get back to you on your questions in,maybe a year…or hopefully less depended on how many pauses in between watching it.

As a fan of the original universal century Gundam, and NO

Could not get into G-Gundam, as I am not a fan of “fight of the week” shows where the winner is already known, but did like Rain: beauty, brains and mechanical aptitude all in one nice package! Js

G gundam has it’s place as its more super robot or power rangers over the top style. With each character having a particular over the top style.