Things not to buy...

I thought people could share some of their experience with crappy products they wasted money on so to help others not make the same mistake!

I’ll start off with citadels imperial primer in the pot. I used it in my airbrush and this stuff sucks. It’s really hard to get it to spray right. It either clogs the airbrush or sprays too thin and looks almost like a wash. When you do finally get it right it does cover pretty smooth but once it dries (i let it cure for about 5 days) it can be scratched right off with ease! It might work better brushed on.

I will not be buying this stuff again!

Excel spruce cutters! Bought from hobby lobby, I pretty much use them for really thick sprue attachments ( no clue what the proper name for that Is) as they don’t cut very well and it helps keep my tamiya’s sharp.

Master airbrush eye droppers. I bought these to help me with mixing paint and primer when I was just starting out with the AB. Maybe I just had a bad batch, but they kept splitting after a few uses until I ran out. I then bought a bag of 100 plastic pipettes from Amazon for just a bit more and I never looked back. These non-branded pipettes lasted longer and were easier to squeeze.

^ i know what your talking about. I got some pipettes from michaels and had the same splitting at the seam problem

Meh, I’ve never had trouble with mine, and I’ve been using the same pair for the last two or three years. Then again, I’ve always shaved off the burrs with my hobby knife, so it may not be as noticible as it would be if I didn’t.

That’s interesting maybe I just got a bad pair. Mine very rarely cut all the way through the attachment.

About the imperial primer from citadel that is brush primer designed for metal and polystyrene plastics. Not meant for an air brush and or ABS plastic. Trying to get it to stick to non-polystyrene plastic is like using a Carolina Reaper pepper as soothing eye drop.

Thanks for cluing me in on that. I was kind of under the impression that primer is primer and was really hoping it would work out. I can literally rub it off with my finger tips. Definitely not good for abs plastic. I also belive that if thinned properly anything can be airbrushed!

@baufrin after doing some research i found that gundam models ARE made of polystyrene plastic. Some of the frames are abs and I did use the imperial primer on a frame but also used it other parts with the same results.

So I go pack to what I said before. Imperial primer in the pot is overpriced garbage!

Maby it works better on metal

well color me silly I thought the armor was ABS since I was looking at the runner and it had ABS on it. How much did you thin it did you thin it? To be honest it is over priced. No argument there. It is a brush on primer.

I was thinning with windex not water. Maybe thats what caused it to clump up and clog my airbrush. Ill probably just use it as a brush on for touching up small areas in the future.

What kit was this on?

BTW I just reread the post you quoted and realized that might read as a snarky post. To be clear it was not meant that way. I double checked my runners and I think I goofed. on the ABS comment. Apologies on that. That was not and armor runner. Thanks for the catch on that.

Its all good man. No worries!

Don’t go cheap on brushes. I bought a kit of brushes for a few bucks (must have been $3 for all of them). Well, I started painting and a few minutes later, noticed bristles all engraved in the paint and I couldn’t get them out by time it dried. I had to use a hobby knife to “pick” them out, and it messed the paint job up. So anyways, make sure not to go cheap on brushes. I know it’s tempting, you see a big bag of brushes, it’s $3, they look good - but once you get them, you’ll get a gundam that looks like a horse will all that bristles stuck in the paint.

Yep. A set of good brushes really makes the different. Especially on doing detail work like painting a pilot figure. I recently got a set of this:

May seem expensive at first but the thing that makes a big difference is that they have some weight to them and for me, it’s much easier to hold steady than a feather weight brush. The bristles are also fairly stiff which helps in getting paint exactly where you want it.

Yes, doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all. A good brush will definitely go a long way - and you can use it more than once.

Side note about Games Workshop stuff… DON’T get the airbrush they sell. It’s horrible. My friend got it and it was a pain in the butt. But I do love Games Workshop paint.

Testor’s paint. Just so thick and gooie.

^ I second that. If you can get Model Masters brand, don’t even look at the standard Testor’s stuff.

Note on cheap brushes - Some cheap brushes are okay. Trick is to find ones that are soft. Hard brushes cause brush lines. Some of those cheap brushes come hard out of the package but can be made soft by softening/spreading apart the bristles before use. I usually just use a rounded edge and push the bristles apart on the table.

Do NOT use the cheapo Testors brushes with white handles you see at hobby stores. They are crap.

Testors and Model Master enamel paints in the bottle are decent for brush painting.

However, Testors and Model Masters spraycan paints are terrible. The paint comes out too thick or unevenly from the nozzle. And worse yet, the paint takes forever to cure. Some colors can stay sticky to the touch for weeks on end. Stick with the Japanese brands (Tamiya or Gunze) for spraycan paints.

Going to have to agree with this one.

I bought a testors spray can once, it was a metallic blue. It looked awesome when I saw it at the store and I ended up buying it. I was working on a mach 1 mustang and I sprayed it. Needless to say, the product turned out TERRIBLE and ruined my kit. It looked watery and destroyed the body. I will never buy testors spray paints again. Wish I had a picture and I could post it. It ruined my whole body. Also, have to agree with those white brushes. You can get something much more better (control and paint wise). Also, the testors enamel paints aren’t too bad, except everytime I use them I constantly get sick from them (feeling weird, dizzy, headaches) despite my best efforts to protect myself (respirators, fans) the stench lasts for days and I still end up getting sick. So I just don’t use the stuff anymore.

Some of those paints at the craft stores like Anita’s, and Americana, aren’t too bad, though I admit Tamiya is definitely much better (especially the black colors). But if you’re short on acrylic paints, they aren’t a bad substitute.