Theoretical Gundam Movie...

Basically Guys, this Thread is to talk about what would a Theoretical Live Action Gundam Movie be like. as in done right…talk about anything here…what actors do you think would be great here, what would you want to see in this theoretical film…diss Mike Bay…Diss G-Savior…ya Know, the usual…:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Im talking as thought G-Savior never happend so dont pull that card out lol. as in they Did ANOTHER Gundam Movie and they did it the right way…:stuck_out_tongue:

JJ Abrams with a million lens flares. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, if someone were to make a Gundam movie I’d prefer it to be set in UC and have it be a bit more on the dark and gritty side. If it turns into Transformers, I won’t watch it.

My theoretical Live action Gundam movie, get’s shot down before it’s even in pre-production as to not be the G-Savior of this theoretical World where G-Savior theoretically dosen’t exist.

That being said, if it does someone who loves Gundam better be in charge, also it should be based off of our Rps lol.

If it were to happen, I think to make as many fans happy as possible, it should probably be in kind of an 08th MS Team perspective. Make it a side story in the UC durring the OYW.

A unit in the earth forces working to strike back at a Zeon stronghold, hero’s are born, suits are destroyed, lives are lost, the soldiers contemplate what the war is really about, and why they should be fighting; and at the end of the movie, they group up with the fleet in space for a final battle, and as the RX-78-2 moves to the catapault and launches from Whitebase, roll credits :stuck_out_tongue:

that way the UC storyline stays continuous and it all ties in together.

If they were to turn the Dreamcast Gundam Game in to a movie, I think it would do really well. Following the White Dingos would be cool.

Honestly, I would really rather not see a live action gundam movie. Simply because I have yet to see an anime adapt into a live action that didn’t make me want to stab out my own eyes. That being said, if one were made, I would camp out to be the first to see it in my area.

Your suggesting casting a crew to re-interpret 08thMS team enabled me to consider arguments in regards to creating a movie.
You see, the majority of Gundam series published so far would require children as main roles. Well, Gundam 08thMs and 0083 wouldn’t.
And seriously, exhibiting a Gundam movie with kids only would lead to not being taken serious, although the story itself may be well written and well considered after all.
If there was a movie produced that concurs with my thoughts/suggestion basing on your, I’d be keen on watching it … however , IF. I assume, bandai is aware of having been unsuccessful, by releasing G-savior and they’ve known presenting another one would include decent risks as well.

Should these requirements be met, I’d expectedly attract Gundam fans being in the age between 14-35. Complying all “Forums” members, or at least their ages, one acknowledges, that being an adolescent as I am (being in the age of 17) is fairly rare. I do think the entire group is older than I am.
Having submitted my opinion to this, I am saying goodbye, cher-y-o!

Notice : Making a Gundam movie of Seed would require whiny wimps.

We need serious men, as for example : graham aker, kou uraki, shiro omada, charou aznablou, etc. …

Should you need another, non-Gundam referring example, take “mamoru takamura” having the fictious role of being one of the main characters of ippo. He fights and punches a bear to unconciousness. :smiley:

Young man in high school who sucks at life has a change for the better a secret government weapon falls from the sky and he become the pilot of the Gundam to stop the evil Zaku lord from taking over the universe. Will he be able to stop the world a long the way he will meet other friends who will help him against the evil Zaku lord.

New Question: If say a live action Movie of say the original MSG was made, what actors/actresses would you see playing the great characters of this Classic Anime Gone Live Action?

Me Personaly i know who would play a great Bright Noa: Karl Urban…

No he won’t. In the end, he shall oppose the mightful and inconceivably invulnearable Gouf. No Zakus boye!

New Question: If say a live action Movie of say the original MSG was made, what actors/actresses would you see playing the great characters of this Classic Anime Gone Live Action?

Me Personaly i know who would play a great Bright Noa: Karl Urban…

Regarding this as possible and likely to be made, i’d rather suggest occupying an Asian for acting Noa. European/American do somehow not comply with being Noa, I personally consider.

I honestly don’t see any Actors portraying anyone from that up to par with what I want not to mention it’d be weird, if they’re going to make a movie they should make it unique and not feature any charictars from any of the Anime, it would just be odd seeing some Hollywood actors protray my Gundam charictars.

I don’t want to see a live action movie…I want to see the show released in the UK ;_;

I do toally personally agree with your opinion. I don’t know how to find an equivalence for Heero, assuming Gundam Wing is the most appropriate to consider as a movie, knowing Gundam Wing is the “most well-known”.

I had another Idea, how about just a CGI movie to keep it away from Hollywoods paws and to see how it’d look with a more Photo-realistic look to it. I mean they used CGI in evolve but I mean crank it to near on the Gundam’s look real CGI.

you mean a sort of Movie with Gundam Evolve Graphics?

Yeah but crank it farther than that. To where it looks nearly real. Sort of like Avatar’s Level CGI.

Im down with that! :stuck_out_tongue:

That way they could keep it away from Holywood and do it in house pretty much.

They could make a new MS IGLOO with that theory also!

It would be great for that too yeah.