TheKumatei's plamo

I am starting a thread for my plamo. I don’t know if I should break it up for each mech that I make, or keep updating the same thread, but for default I am going to just keep adding to this one.

album link
It was originally purple and blue, but I put it closer to zaku colors using olive drab colors. I had put the pieces together first to get rid of seam lines, but I still need work on that.
Force fitting the pieces together made me rub the paint off of the crotch guard, so it shows up blue again. I’ll have to fix that. I think the next step is to try putting weathering on it.

Your links are not working for me… And the normal practice is to update one thread to keep the site tidy ( well it used to be that way so I am making a bit of an assumption)

Same the links give an error message.

And you would keep posts about your personal built and custom kits in one thread as your personal “hangar” of models so to say.

The subsection for member model kits is The Ego Zone aka Member Model Gallery

You can also reach out to our mod Thwalker13 if you need threads merged with an existing thread for your models or have it moved to that subsection.

Thanks. I like putting them in one thread anyway. Ill ask thwalker to move it into there.

update: I tried going to the messages section in my account, and the profile for Thwalker, and I dont see any kind of “new message” option. How do I contact him?

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That’s odd. I just clicked on my profile and went to messages and there was a “new message” button. I clicked on it and typed “th” in the (add user name) section and thwalker13 popped right up.

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