The Trust Build Project

Ever since Build Fighters started, an idea has been growing in the back of my head, slowly at first, then quicker with the announcement of the KA group build. The Newtype ideals of finding peace through a mutual understanding were amusingly turned on their side to accommodate the show’s Gunpla-centric focus, but I began to wonder: How would we go about gaining a better understanding of our fellow board members? I had some ideas about the approach, but they weren’t finalized until the show’s final episode: Fellini and Mao give up parts of their kits to Sei so that the Star Build Strike can have its final fight with the Amazing Exia, a major sign of trust and respect for their fellow builder.

I pitched the idea of a group build to some members and a mod or two already , and it was met with favorable opinion. But I’m a realist and a bit of a cynic, so I had to pose the very real question of how to go about pitching a trust-based group build on the internet – a place where trust is destroyed in such a large scale that it could probably be measured in second-spaced intervals. The answer was surprisingly simple: We show you how awesome this could potentially be.

That’s right, I said we. I’ve been in communication with Dlinker, and we have agreed to embark on what will essentially be a dry run of this potential group project, which will be tracked on this very thread. If this proves to be successful, and we get enough people interested, hopefully we can do this again on a larger scale.

So what exactly does this challenge entail? As we speak, Dlinker and I have already mailed each other one of our kits. Since this a test run, we decided to send kits that were not new, but are instead old kits in our backlog that for one reason or another we started and never got around to finishing. Neither of us have any clue as to which kit the other has sent, so it will be a complete surprise when we open our packages. Included with our kits is a note containing two itemized details:

[ul][li] The primary color that the kit must be.
[/li][li] An additional requirement that must be addressed in the final version of the build (i.e. “Must be a sniper”, or “Must have battle damage”, etc.). [/ul]
Apart from these two conditions, it is builder’s discretion from beginning to end. We are trusting each other to give our “A” game and hopefully be able to convey our own personal building style in what will be a unique kit that other will keep. Apart from a few posting guidelines that the two of us have discussed, we will not see the final product of our efforts until the kits are mailed back, again, sight unseen.

TL;DR: This is Trading Spaces, Extreme Gunpla Edition :stuck_out_tongue:

The next posts Dlinker and I make will be about the kits and challenges we’ve received, so I hope you all stick around to see what happens! :smiley:

…I’m interested in this, actually. Once upon a time, I proposed a team build with a friend. His airbrush work, my detail work. It never went anywhere, but this sounds much more realistic.

Wow, this is really cool. A truly fabulous idea. I’ll be closely following this project.

I’m curious to see what kit I’m going to be working on. I just know it’s an MG kit, but from what line and how old? The suspense is killing me, haha.

I think ChapelMkII had the better end of the bargain, but then again, the kit I sent him may be more challenging than expected.

This is an awesome idea. Man i wish i was better at building gunpla. Oh well practice practice practice. Ill also be watching with great interest.

I think you’ll like what you got. I liked it enough to get it :stuck_out_tongue:

Given what you already told me about the kit you’ve sent me, the challenging part will be the test of will stripping all that paint XD

I will definitely be following this guys. I’m super interested to see what you sent each other.

Just got my objective: The MG Crossbone X1 Ver. Ka :cool:

Got to say, this was completely unexpected, but very welcome. I’m pretty darn excited to get started, even with just the last bits of de-nubbing. Also, I want to apologize to ChapelMkII for my rather simplistic letter of conditions. Yours blows mine right out of the water, haha. Anyways, onwards to the conditions for this kit:

1.) Primary color of bloody crimson must be used. All other colors are up to my discretion

2.) Due to damaged parts, all cape clasps are no longer needed and must be replaced with something that still fits the aesthetic and design motif of the kit.

Time to start thinking of a design for those new clasps. I’m leaning towards enhancing what’s already present, including permanently fixing the broken part. I do wonder, though: Do the clasps on the chest need to be replaced too?

This looks interesting I might have to give this a go sometime. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

This… I’d like to see how this turns out, I think that having this on bigger scale would be pretty damn good.

Hopefully by the next time this comes around, I’ll have done my projects to be able to join x.x

YES! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, Dlinker. You will do that amazing machine justice.

^ Thanks for the vote of confidence, man. I’m finding myself way more excited about working on the kit than I expected, haha.

Speaking of excitement, I misunderstood the second condition in my haste to come up with an idea for it so I edited my post to reflect an important caveat, namely that the clasps are actually no longer needed hence why they need to be replaced entirely with something else. With that in mind, I was bouncing around several ideas in my head to customize the shoulders themselves.

Pirates, at least fictional ones, are usually known by their imposing and lavish appearance and I thought maybe some flared shoulders will add that feel to the kit. After a few hours of mulling over how to do it, I settled on something easy, but still appropriate: A kit-bash. I looked through my shelf to see if I had anything look like flared shoulders and my MG Strike Noir, the second MG kit I ever worked on, caught my eye. I checked out the compatibility and it looked proper so I went ahead and did some surgery, as shown in the pic below.

Nothing complicated, just saw off the connecting piece from both kits, fuse the piece from the Crossbone to the Strike Noir’s, and voila. Just need some clean-up, but it fits like a charm.

Cool build guys. The key is to keep making sure the other is working on the kit. I did this with a friend, and we both lost interest and worked on something else lmao

After working on HG kits since November, this one is a big welcome change and I’ve wanted to work on a Crossbone kit so my interest will probably keep on going until completion. Not sure about Chapel, though. This kit is more interesting (to me at least) than the one I sent him so he might get bored with it, haha.

Just a tip, the wrist joints tend to be very tight on the xbone. I’ve broken a wrist on the 2 out of the 3 x’s i’ve built. :confused:

Oh dang this is interesting. Nice shoulder mate.

Sounds intriguing. I’m too much of a control freak to participate once this opens up to the wider forum, but I’ll happily watch what others do from the sidelines. :wink:

Nice, this is getting a good deal of followers. Hopefully Chapel and I won’t disappoint each other and all of you, haha.

@Squee, I’ll keep that in mind. The last thing I want to do on this kit is break parts so thanks for the heads-up.

@Zaku, thanks, man. My Strike Noir is now shoulder-less, but that will get remedied once I transplant the Crossbone’s. Not a bad fit in terms of design, actually, so it works out well for both kits.

No pressure, right? :stuck_out_tongue: I won’t lie, got a little bit anxious after looking over some of the pieces from your kit. I feel plenty confident though that we’re gonna kick some butt when all is said and done!

I’m actually surprised at how well it works. I hated the Strike Noir shoulders so much that I decided to leave the flared shoulders out of my Strike-E build, but in this case of the Crossbone, it actually makes all the sense in the world o.o

So, we had some delivery hiccups in the form of inept FedEx employees, but I do have Dlinker’s kit in my possession, and I was so happy to see what it was :smiley:

TITANS, REPRESENT! Dlinker has supplied me with the 2.0 version of the kit, along with the following conditions:

[ul][li]Kit’s primary color must remain that trusty Titans Blue, but he wants to see some two-tone painting in those areas.
[/li][li]The kit must be able to be easily displayed with and without its armor plating, so that the internal skeleton can be showcased.[/ul]
I’ve got my work cut out for me early on in this process. While Dlinker has already taken the hassle out of cutting and de-nubbing the plastic from his original attempt of the kit, I will need to strip all of the (impressive) paint work that’s already been applied before I can start doing what I have planned for it. So while these parts are being stripped, I’ll start planning out the painting details I have in store :slight_smile:

@Zaku, thanks, man. My Strike Noir is now shoulder-less, but that will get remedied once I transplant the Crossbone’s. Not a bad fit in terms of design, actually, so it works out well for both kits.

Im glad to hear you didnt have to sack a MG for your Crossbone. Funny how well that turned out.