The true Battleground

Here is where you pit two suits/gundams/armors/etc against each other.

To make it a bit more of an actual debate, try and pit two things of opposite sides with similar traits or uses from the same time zone. Gundams vs Gundams however, can easily be any against another and still be good.

I’ll start.

MS IGLOO, 0078-0079

Discontinued Mobile armors, bot being tanks.

Zeon Hidolfr vs the Federation 440 guntank.

Let’s get it on, who would win.
Equal piloting skill between the two of them, stats alone.

I’m going with Hildolfr. It wins with that BFG 33cm cannon and the ability to wield other MS weapons. I believe it’s also faster than the 440. But what really gives it the edge is its ability to nail moving targets via the rotation capabilities of the “top half”—as long as that big ol’ gun doesn’t knock it over in the process :lol:

Hildolfr, for the same reasons that squeam listed.

I suppose that was quite the decisive win. Here’s to that sexy machine, the Hildolfr.

Up next we’re going to some frontline.

Type 61 tank
Two 150mm main cannons

HT-01B Magella Attack Tank
175mm main cannon
Detachable turret for flight or hand weapon use

I’m gonna go with the Magella attack tank on this one. It’s light weight, fast, and has anti-personnel weapons mounted on it. Not to mention the “Ejection” capability of the Magella (Seen in 8th MS team)
It may not be the hardest hitting or have the heaviest armor, but it can skirt it’s way around the feddie’s attack tank any day.

Yeah, I’m going to have to go with the Zeon’s tank. Those things can even give RX-78-2 some trouble.

Alright, I’ve got one for you:

You’ve seen them work together, but who would win in a direct face off?!
In the first corner, coming in at 79 tons, 18 meters, the light weight champion of Z.A.F.T and protector of Steller Loussier, The Angst Filled DESTINY GUNDAM!!!

Aaaaaaaaand in the other corner, weighing in at 86 tons and a height of almost 19 meters, the heavy hitter, the keeper of DRAGOONs, and the clone of providence, The Infamous, LEGEND GUNDAM!!!

They would both equally tear each other into shreds. Ok actually I believe Legend would win. Heavy hitter and huge powerful funnels of stock footage.

Btw guys, I don’t ever argue for any of my topics, and I hope for the same from you guys. And please wait for a conclusion of one topic before starting another. I don’t want 4 different conversations going on in this thread.

SFA, you’re not wrong about Destiny and Legend tearing each other to shreds. However I’m going to give Destiny the edge over Legend. Why, Destiny is the king of speed. When the Wing of Light activate, they generate after image effects that would make it very hard to target, even if targeted by the DRAGOON System. Shinn would have activated the Wings of Light to dodge the DRAGOONS to move in for a melee finisher with his anti-ship laser sword.

All very true. I was going more for the lawlz. That and the horrendous SD image of destiny discouraged me. Maybe GNZ can smack his two 1/100 Destiny and Legend kits together repeatedly and tell us which one will end up winning.

So two discussions in need of a definite conclusion:
Type 61 vs Magella Attack
Legend vs Destiny

After these, one discussion at a time.

The Red Frame vs. Sinanju

Magella wins that one: flying tank!

Destiny v. Legend is harder:

They are designed for different types of fights and carry very differents arsenals. I tend to agree, though, that the “Wings of Light” are Destiny’s Ace-in-the-Hole. It seems that the 2 suits would quickly cancel each other out, in terms of firepower. Beam boomerangs, anti-ship sword and cannon together destroying the DRAGOONS; but not before handing Destiny some real damage. All the wounded Destiny needs is a little life left in the amazing Stargazer-tech wings or one functioning palm beam to send the battered Legend out in style. This is all assuming Athrun doesn’t get up in their business and lay 'em both out with some “Justice”.

Lawlz “Justice”.

So for the Magella Attack vs Type 61, it would appear through versatility and popular demand, the Magella wins.

So now back to our current discussion. Legend vs Destiny.

I think Destiny is winning at the moment however.

After this discussion comes to a victor, Red Frame Astray picks a bone with Sinanju.

By my count SFA it’s 2 for Destiny and 1 for Legend.

Well it’s been quite a while so I’d say that Destiny wins.

So let’s move on to the next topic. Red Frame Astray vs Sinanju.

Now this seems extremely unfair to me, so let’s subtract the pilot. Let’s imagine there are two cyber newtypes that are equal and every way each piloting one of them. They both fair well in space, so that is going to be the combat medium. Take in mind their size and combat differences. Also, I’m throwing in the Ver. Kai Red Frame with the tactical arms.

Even without Full Frontal, The Sinanju is still a formidable machine. Psycoframe Cockpit, thrusters galore, and a Beam Rifle that’s powered by a 3,240 kW reactor give this MS the edge to win.

Even though both suits are pretty good in their own right, I’m gonna have to go with Sinanju. That is a machine built to make people cry. Even with the Tactical Arms I think the Red Frame is still outclassed by the Sinanju’s array of beam weaponry and high maneuverability.

I’m gonna agree with Red on this one. The Sinanju was built for high speed and is even equipped with a psycho frame (just around the cockpit) and has a psychommu system. In every way, the Sinanju and it’s pilot would know every move the Astray would make even before they did. It’s almost unfair to put the two together, even with the same cyber newtype pilots.

Which is as I said what I believed to be unfair. I hate to say this, because I love the Astrays to no end, but I too believe it would be put to utter shame. Most of Red Frame’s weaponry are close range anyway and could easily be taken out from a distance, and even if it was agile enough to dodge all fire from the sinanju, it has that giant beam lance shield thing, and I’m sure they’d ding up a Gerbera Strait in a hot second.

Seems like Red Frame may be able to hold its own with Tactical Arms, but Sinanju can counter those configurations NOW. The ease and speed at which it can change battle styles spells certain doom for the Red Frame and its transforming weapons set.