The Titans are to the EFF what the Zabi were to Zeon


It’s one of the reasons, I think he and Dozle were the only two worth a damn, Mineva as well but she dosen’t seem to have the chop to lead really, where as Dozle was a Soldier’s Soldier, and Garma had the potential to be as Charismatic as Char or Haman I think.

To be fair to Mineva, by the time she’s old enough to actually lead, there isn’t that much of Zeon left. It’s kind of pointless/hopeless to lead Zeon at that point.

Yes, good point.

But her personality it’s self to me dosen’t seem like she’d have the drive to lead, even if there was more of a Zeon. That said you can’t truely kill Zeon, it’s an ideal system more than a government in my eyes, it’s why we see them as late as the 0120’s with Mars Zeon. As long as the EFF exists and still claims the colonies, Zeon will allways be alive and well in some form.

She’s taken quite a bit of initiative in Unicorn in her attempts to prevent/stop an unwinnable war, and she calls Full Frontal out for being an imposter when he reveals his plans. Those actions show leadership. She’s just not power hungry.

That’s a diffrent way of looking at it never saw it like that.

And yeah well he is an Imposter…he’s basically one big ol Propaganda piece. Which is brilliant in it’s own way simplistic, but as he said more or less, he’s basically a channel for his followers will by dressing up like Char lol. Cheap tactic but it has it’s benefits.

Really what Gundam series have always been great at showing is that people in power are generally not the good sort, they are in power because they can actually do the things most of us would be hesitant to do. Politics, propaganda and wars have always served someones agenda, be it Titans, Zabi family, Zeon’s, Earth Federation. It is always a dirty business no matter how pure the motives are.

Which is why I’m with Haman. She may be self serving, but what political leader in the UC (or anywhere else for that matter) isn’t? She at least gets things done.

Okay thought this small museing of mine should go in this topic.

So lately I’ve been whatching 08th MS Team again, and well, it just occured to me…why does Zeon keep wasteing time and money on Mobile Armors…I mean yeah they’re impressive, but come on, for the price of one Big Zam or Apsalsus you can make like what? Over a hundred Gelgoogs or so for gods sake. I mean the Track Record shows, yeah they’re bad ass for awhile, but then they get taken out. Buy prototype MA we spend billions on…I mean really? Why not make a crap load of hyped up Mobile suits?

Zeon likes them because they make better climactic battles. :wink:


Also they do know how to dress better, EFF uniforms a a snooze, Zeon uniforms, are class.

Hell yea. Lol ooh man if i knew how to sew. Shit would get serious!

I think the apsaulus only took like three dom genorators. Im think that would be the most expensive part. Now im just a regular Zaku mind you and not a profesinal but the dom generators are about the same thing.

And look at the fruit of all that reasearch. We have the Neue Ziel. And well the Alpah Azeiru was pretty much a failure but thats Chars fault for being a sucker for jail bait. Not that i can blame him. But still

It actually needed three Rick Dom II generators. There is a bit of a time difference as the Apsalus III launched on November, UC 0079 while the Rick Dom II premiered in December, UC 0079.

Oh cool good to know. Im guessing there is a big diffrence between regular Dom generators amd Rick Dom II Generators? Im not sure if the powerplant was ever mentioned.

Char is not a Sucker for Jailbait. Here’s why:

  1. Lalah was 17, yes, underage, but the age of consent in japan is 13. Seeing as that’s where the source Material is from I’ll go with that, and just leave that there. That said he was only 19-20 at that time, not that big/uncommon of a gap when you think about it.

  2. He turned down Haman in Char’s Deleted Affair several times, and he actually had another Girlfriend at the time who he impregnated even. That depends on how much of that you consider cannon, personally aside from all of the fan servicey bits, it’s one of the more plauseable things in CDA.

  3. He used Quess…he even admited it he needed a strong newtype for the MA, and well Gyunei obviously wasn’t gonna be it.

  4. Nanai…obviously. Now maybe he wasn’t really in love with her (I think he was just not as much as Natille let alone Lalah) but again, got pregers.

Sorry, just wanted to put that vulgar myth down once and for all.

Also about the Generators:

Dom is rated at: 1269 kW
Rick Dom II: 1219 kW

So no, not really a big diffrence, actually the Dom’s a rated slightly higher, likely due to it needing to work under Gravity.

For General refrence the Rick Dom is the weakest of the three at 1199 kW. But still the diffrence would be negleigble at best. Should also be noted the Dom Troppen must use the same Reactor as the Rick Dom as it’s also rated at 1199kw, Like the dom it’s self it also needs to operate in Gravity, so yeah the Diffrence between the Generators wouldn’t make much of a diffrence, so it could be using a Dom Generator, and it was just an over sight when they said Rick Dom II.

Huh yea i guess i never really looked too much at their ages. Oh well not to stuborn to admit i was wrong. And very intresting about the generators. I wonder why they didnt just leave the regular doms generator in all the units. I know it wouldent help for trust. Because all the vernier are powered by liquid rocket fuel stored in the legs. So the only think the generator is needed for is to provide electricity for the penumatic and hydraulic cylinders all over the MS and cameras and electric motors and life support functions and beam heat weapons(i read somewhere that instead of a batterie the heat hawk and heat saber are powered though the hands by the genarator. Like those little wireless phone charger pads you just set your phone on and it charges) and navigation systems and sensors ect ect ect ect. Lol i love mobile suit theory. I could blab about it forever.

Well it’s not so much about Age, as that he turned the two 14 year olds down/didn’t have those thoughts about them.

And he’s been involved with three (at least) women his own age. Hell one of their deaths made him leave Axis.

And yeah the generators is an intresting thing, I also think part of the reason that the Troppen/Rick Dom have weaker generators is because the systems got more efficent as time went on.

That makes me want to start a new thread about mobile suit theory amd operation. I am a Zeon after all. We come up with damn good idea then the feddies steal them and throw money at them to make them better than ours.

And yeah the generators is an intresting thing, I also think part of the reason that the Troppen/Rick Dom have weaker generators is because the systems got more efficent as time went on.
thats a really good point. I wonder what else is diffrent.