The Titans are to the EFF what the Zabi were to Zeon

Oh please, don’t give me that Zeta-G. You know as well as I do that Haman was more than just a regent to Mineva. In fact, Mineva was nothing more than a figurehead for Haman’s policies. And that is why you can’t trust her, she’s that good of a politician and leader. The phrase “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes to mind.

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Also if we go on who has the right to lead Zeon a Regent of the Zabi’s or Casval Rem Deikun…hmmmm…I think the trueborn son comes before the Usurper’s Daughter or her manipulator. Yes I will admit he had an ulterior motive as well, but I do beleive that while his methods extreme, his cause to the evolve Humanity into newtypes was sincire.

A regent has the power of a monarch until the rightful monarch comes of age. I never said that Haman wasn’t using Mineva as a figurehead. I said that because she is a politician, you can trust her to look out for her own power by making Zeon stronger, while Gihren and Char had other interests that were in conflict with Zeon’s own good. Let me say repeat, I didn’t say that she was completely trustworthy; I said that, since she’s a good politician, you can trust her to do what’s necessary (strengthen Zeon) to preserve and enhance her own power.

Meanwhile, Gihren’s racism undid Zeon in the OYW, when he killed Degwin in the middle of peace negotiations, and Char, of course, foolishly gave up Neo Zeon’s technological superiority so that his grudge match with Amuro could be a fair fight. Neither one of them is a good political leader. Haman is. Let’s not forget, Haman won in Zeta. It was idiotic Zabi loyalists armed with a bunch of Newtype clones that undid her victory in ZZ. The fact that she wants power is not new or surprising, since a) she is a politician and b) she is the regent in a country with a monarchy. It goes without saying that she desires power.

Try reading the whole post next time (be it in this thread or in your imaginary game thread or in some other thread); read it again slowly and more carefully, if you plan on replying to that post. It’ll help you to understand the other person’s points better and avoid further misunderstandings. :wink:

Its true she would strengthen our great nation of Zeon. But at the same time she would be plotting against Miss Mini usurper. So yea im joining Neo Zeon. Lol.

And on that decision i think my next Model after i buy a new Gelgoog to fix the one i have will be the MG Gearra Doga.

The MG Geara Doga is excellent overall. I wish we had some more Axis Zeon Master Grades though.

As for Mineva, she’s more sensible than Char, even though she is bit naive at times as well. Char is the type who is good to have on your team as an advisor or a right hand man, but he’s not a very good leader. The best scenario for Zeon would have been if he took Haman up on her offer to join forces; he could have balanced out her ruthless efficiency with some idealism.

Ive heard wonderful things about the MG Gearra Doga.

I cant trust Haman at all. All she is trying to do is secure power for herself. And obviously Mineva is just a kid. “Char is fighting for our prayers”. If he would let the amuro thing go he would be a wonderful leader. Althoug he hates dressing up and giving speeches. But that just makes him a “down to earth” or maybe “Down to colony” kind of guy. Lol

Those things are why he’s not a good leader. As for Haman, I said to trust that she wants to secure and extend her power (like most/all politicians), I did not say to trust everything she says. As I said in my last post, Char and her would have balanced each other out and made a better Zeon. The efficiency of Haman’s Zeon combined with some of the idealism of Char’s would have been unstoppable. There’s no way Haman would have let Char give away such valuable technology to the Feddies, and there’s no way Char would have allowed Haman to hold onto her authority once Mineva turned of age. Factor in their combined charisma and piloting skills, and the Feddies wouldn’t have stood a chance. Unfortunately, Char’s idealism and pride wouldn’t let him rejoin with her for the greater good, so instead both are dead and Zeon was eventually folded into the Federation.

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Anyways I know what a regent is if that was directed at me, and I understand why she wants to cement more power, but I doubt she had any real intention of handing the reigns over to Mineva untill her goals were acmoplished wether she hit the proper age to rule or not.

I also agree, Char wasn’t as good a leader, I’m just more inclined to follow him for a few reasons (bias aside even) I do agree, that if Char could have gotten past his pride and joined her, that Neo-Zeon would have been better off in the long run, but I don’t think Char would let Mineva take power either way, being the son of Zeon Zum Deikun and all, I don’t see him letting a Zabi take over, even if he bears no ill will to Mineva. It’s also one of the reasons I think Haman wanted Char, if she started looseing grip over the Zabi loyalists, she could easily hold onto the Zeon Deikun loyaltists with Char/ Though maybe he’d let Mineva take over, as he bears her no ill will, but on one hand I just don’t see it, I also don’t think that’s a Life he’d want her to lead, it’s one of the reasons I’m one of the people who speculate that he’s the one who got Mineva out of Haman’s hands since that hasn’t been confirmed yet as far as I know. He dosen’t want her to go down that path, unless she choses it.

Agreed. Although the feddies would never have let us solve problems peacfully. And we have never had the resources man power and money to beat them in the first place. So a colony drop or two was about the only hope we had. And it missing jaburo was just a mistake as im sure you know. Haman is a backstabber and nothing but a backstabber. I dont think even Char could keep her from killing him in his sleep or something so she can gain more power.

I completely changed that post, disregard it’s last form, didn’t see Zeta-G’s last post untill it was on there.

That said, I don’t think she’d kill Char unless he was a threat, which he would be, there’s no keeping him under your thumb.

My question is, what do you two think of Full Frontal’s Neo-Zeon? I don’t think I’ve seen Zeta-G’s views on that particular Zeon yet.

I havent seen any Gundam Unicorn. So if you would keep spoilers to a minimum id appreciate it. Im curious to see what it going on and where full frontal stands. Full frontal is a stupid name lol.

Stupid or not, personally I think his Neo-Zeon isn’t half bad.

That said he’s too shrouded in mystery to get a damn read on, but his main goal is a good way to go about Toppleing the EFF in my eyes. Basically he’s going to expose something that’ll make any Spacenoid rage.

I never said she would willingly give Mineva power once she turned of age. She would likely put on a show of it (to maintain credibility), and then stay on as Mineva’s special advisor or chief of staff or some similar smokescreen title (read: she would work Mineva like a puppet, while making the Zabi loyalists think that Mineva was in charge). This is the point where Char sticking around would come in handy. He would have prevented Haman from turning Mineva into a mere puppet, and he might have even been able to convince Haman to voluntarily end her regency at the appropriate time and legitimately become an advisor to the new Queen (remember Haman had the hots for Char, so it might have given him the opportunity to influence her). If not, there’s always a rocket to the head, courtesy of the Red Comet. :wink:

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Oh? Ill prepare to rage then. Lol

Ah okay, just a few of your posts made it seem as if she was just a regent…which yes she is, but she’s more intrested in keeping the power. But yes, it seems we agree on more points than not.

And yeah Char could balance her out as she did want him, and of course there’s allways Char’s God like Bazooka skills. Still my favorite kill in anime to date lol.

As much as I like that kill, I kind of enjoy the “blame the misfortune of your birth” one more. It was just so devious.

That one is a good one as well, also one of my favorite Quotes from Char. Shame that Garma was a Zabi, or wasn’t a bit younger, otherwise he might not have needed to die. Actually it’d have been intresting if he lived, wonder what type of leader he’d have been.

A much better one than Gihren or Kycilia, since at least he wasn’t a murderous psychopath.