The Titans are to the EFF what the Zabi were to Zeon

The Titans are to the EFF what the Zabi were to Zeon. How much do you agree with this? Lets say this if you were alive in the unversal century where would you be? Who would you fight for? Or would you fight at all? Even where would you be born? Id be born in the Republic of Zeon. More than likely id be rigt beside. Char trying to take down the Zabis from destroying our country. Then run with Gato in my custom Gelgoog nuking our enemy. Then more than likely join the AEUG so those damn TITANS dont take over the earth sphere. Id more than likely join Neo Zeon aswell but i figure id end up being one of those guys trying to push back Axis with Amuros crazy ass “THE POWER OF GUNDAM” yea he kina lost it there. Lol still a cool guy though. U know what they say the enemy are just fools who could otherwise be our friends.

I’m with you through the join the AEUG part, but I’d regroup with Haman once she returned, and I wouldn’t be preventing any asteroids from falling. Screw the Earthnoids, especially after they created the Titans. The difference between the Feddies and the Zeon is this: the Feddies have always been horrible pricks (rewatch MSG if you doubt me, to say nothing of some of the later works), the Titans are just more open about it. The Zeon on the other hand started as idealists (the Republic) who went on to do some very horrible things after the Feddies started oppressing the spacenoids and the Zabis seized control of Side 3.

Speaking of the relation of the Zabi family to zeon, I consider the zabi family to excel the “Zeon/Deikun” family in terms of government and reigning over an empire for the Zabis achieved a lot before they blundered rephrensibly.

I would have to go with Zeon because they deserve their independence from the Federation The problem is the way the Zabi family went about getting the independence. There is no doubt though they woulda had a fight for their independence because it would have never came peacefully from the Federation

I agree completly. No matter what the Zeon did it would have never ended peacefully.

Im on the fence about wiping out the earthnoids. Just because they have a shit teir government doesnt make them bad people. They dont all deserve to die. There are good people on both sides of the war. But at the same time. Id really want to see people leave earth and let the planet heal. Yes im a bit of a tree hugger. Im not that bad though. Just a bit of one. And id really like to see all of humanity become newtypes. So because im a zeon id more than likely once the titans fall leave the AEUG with Char and join his Neo Zeon. Then change my mind at the last second and give amuro a hand moving. (Im basing what id do off of what i felt like when i watched it. Because you make the decicion when its happening not after the fact.) but anyway im not sure if i would follow Hamman or not. Aside from the fact she is freaking HOT. I love firey hot headed women who challenge me. If she was real id be aallllll over it lol. Anyway lol. Ive nevr seen ZZ gundam so idk whats going on then. But im damn sure i know where id be at the time of Zeta. AEUG FTW!

Me id most definitely would be living in side 3. Id fight for zeon. I dont like the eff anyways and i hate the titans. Im rewatching zeta and the titans bring a whole new meaning to the word low. I say hail zeon we diserve our independence but not only us but all spacenoids

Yes for true freedom for all spacenoids. SIEG ZEON!!

Personally I’d start my own Shadow group focused on keeping the EFF in check and taking out Haman. Kind of like one of my PC’s in the RP’s I do.

Then again for awhile he joined Haman but that was for a few reasons, and only a temp thing. And to help get Mineva out as he was close to Dozle.

That said, the only good Zabi’s IMO are Dozle, and Garma. The others are Space Hitler, and space Hitler-ette. Oh and Degwin.

That said, the only good Zabi’s IMO are Dozle, and Garma. The others are Space Hitler, and space Hitler-ette. Oh and Degwin.

I agree completly. And lets not forget about our Vase obssesed friend M’Quve. He was annoying but Meh.

He got Ral killed, the only redeeming fact about M’quve was the Gyan.

Also M’quve not giving Ral the Dom’s also made it so Amuro could get better, I mean yeah in the OYW there were other Gundams made allready but still no Amuro and RX-78-2 would have been a massive blow to the EFF.

Very true. In MSG i hated amuro. But by the time Zeta was going on i started to respect him. “Fools who could otherwise be our friends”. Oh well i do enjoy kicking him in the stomach though lol. Zaku Zaku Zaku.

I’m fine with Amuro, it’s M’quve I don’t like.

I will never join Haman! If nobody will stand-up to her, who’s to say that she won’t conquer the Earth like the Zabi’s. You can’t trust Haman!

Meh, make your own Neo-Zeon.

Everyone is doing it these days…Haman, Char, Full Frontal, then there’s Mars Zeon.

Yea thats true im glad he is dead.

You got a good point there. But she is sexy. I cant help it.

I don’t trust either one of those. They claim to speak for all Spacenoids, but their hearts they only want to fulfill their own selfish desires (Haman wanting to rule the Earth Sphere, Char wanting revenge on Amuro for Lalah, Full Frontal… I don’t know about him). However, I will continue to criticize the Earth Federation until the flaws are corrected and everyone, Earthnoid and Spacenoid, can live in peace.

Eh Char might have Secondary motives, but I do think he means what he means when it comes to the Fedderation after seeing them for what they are in Zeta.

Yeah he might want to beat Amuro more, but I don’t think it was all for Subterfuge, elsewise why not do something more simple than droping astroids? Bomb a few places or something.

Haman is a politician and the regent at that. You can trust her to look out for her own interests and power. She’s not a racist psychopath like Gihren nor is she obsessed with revenge to the detriment of everything else like Char is. Her interest is in making Zeon strong and healthy, because that leads to her having more power and influence herself. That’s why most of her soldiers are fiercely committed to her. The ones who do turn on her, do so for emotional reasons (alignment to the Zabi bloodline), rather than practical ones (she is Zeon’s best leader to date).

as as far as the Earthnoids go, they had multiple chances to do the right thing (the Federation is an “absolute democracy”), and they never have. Instead, they prefer to stick to their selfish ways by offloading all of the work onto the spacenoids and continuing to pollute and destroy the planet. Collectively, they deserve a couple dozen asteroids to the face.