The Super Dimension Fortress Mah-Kou-Ross~

So the other night, I finished watching (the original 1982) Macross series for the first time. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The designs were overall good, the music was top notch, the story was great, the characters and voice acting (watched the English dub, NOT Robotech) were all fantastic. Also, the fights were pretty smooth and there was minimal use of unnecessary stock footage. The slightly dated animation was no detraction in my eyes, either. I didn’t expect this, but the romantic and musical plots fit in much better than I thought, and didn’t seem forced. The pacing of the story was really wacky though, which would probably be my biggest complaint.
For those of you who have seen it, what are your thoughts?

I loved it. The ending was a bit of a shock. spoiler No, not the war, the bit about Misa and Ichigo marrying. I always expected Minmei and Hikaru to finally get together, even after all the earthlings where massacred, and Hikaru came down to rescue Misa, they kept on hinting it on… It was beautiful though, and fitting.spoiler

I have never seen Robotech. I did however think it was interesting because they merged 3 anime together to form it, so there has to be something new to see there. I didn’t like the name changing, like in any anime, I hate the changing of names. I watched the original Japanese dub of Macross, because I was streaming it, lol.

The music was the best part. Minmei’s voice actress was a real singer, which was nice. I believe in the English version, the same Japanese seiyuu reprises her role. If she sings in the ADV english dub too, I’ll find the english dub for my brother to watch.

The vocal was good, and so was the background music, like Sadame no Ya, and Dog Fight. There was one more track I don’t know the name of.
My favourite vocal track was Shao Pai Lon. I just love that song.

Sometime, I’d like to watch SDF Macross: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE? (atleast I think it was stylized in caps)
Not sure how it’s going to be different though. I love the dvd cover art, and it’s SOOOO misleading.

What’s cool is that DYRL is canon…and by that, I mean the movie is actually a “war documentary” referenced within later works (I’ve already heard it mentioned in an early episode of Macross 7). I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually. At least after I’ve seen the MSG Zeta movie adaptations.

THAT I had no idea of. I simply thought DYRL was a remade movie, because wikipedia explains Roy Focker’s death to be different in DYRL than SDF Macross.
Doesn’t this mean that SDF Macross isn’t canon to later works?

Macross Plus is explained to happen in an alternate continuity. I’ll have to get to this too. extend recommended it, and he said it’s not required to watch the others to get to it. Perhaps the original SDF is apart of this or something like that?

Actually, according to Shoji Kawamura, DYRL is considered a movie within the whole Macross universe and Macross Plus is considered part of the original timeline. It’s considered a stand-alone in the sense that it’s not really a sequel to anything, but it’s set in the same universe, same timeline, just a different period of time. It’s essentially the starting point for Macross 7 since by then, the VF-22 is already being used in the field and in Plus, it was still in development. Very similar to how the Macross Frontier movies are considered in-universe films and not actual canon timeline events.

And to reference an earlier thread about Macross, it’s one of my two favorite robot anime series ever. Good stuff all around and I haven’t seen a series of it that I didn’t enjoy.