The Question thread.

Kou didn’t join. If you remember how pissed off he was at the asshole “Bask Om” when they still fired the big death beam even when Kou was still in range. There’s no way Kou is stupid enough to join a force led by that guy, or even continue fighting for the same people.

Also, I have another question. Universal century is easily one of my favorite eras. However, there’s one serious problem. THE ZEON NEVER WIN! Does anyone else want the Zeon to win?

I’m pretty sure Operation stardust marks a success for the Zeon.
Same applies to the destruction of the Alex.

If you count operations not seen on camera but played out prior to the production of the Gundam then zeon had many victories, I believe they even captured a federation general before the gundam project.

Zeon has victories but they never end up on top so to speak. Its just most of those happen where gundam is not present.

I would agree with you, but they are only half- hearted victories. They lost but also won. There wasn’t quite a happening where Zeon full on dominated.

What about the end of the grypts conflict or the colony drop on Dublin, id call those victories for the zeon

Those are Neo-Zeonic victories.

Anyhow a Zeon situation where they dominated, Loum.

They had a super weapon ready and everything and didn’t need it because of the Zaku even, so I’d say they whooped then, also the colony drop on Australia, and basically the first half of the OYW they where on top pretty much.

You’re right, you got me there. Now I’m gonna ask another question.

Would it have been a smarter decision for the Federation and Celestial Being to let Ali- AL Saachez and Ribbons Almark survive the events of Season two, so that they could help defend the earth? more Ribbons than Saachez. If you think about it, Ribbons had created a Gundam that matched the 00 raiser, even defeated it. He could have been extremely helpful in the fight against the ELS invasion.

isn’t Ribbons like Tieria so shouldn’t he be able to recreate himself like Tieria does?
and while I’m at it Kou Uraki is still part of the federation forces he didn’t join the titan or leave the military Nina on the other hand left Aniheim to join the federation forces in the same base Kou started at

No both of them are pretty much on their own wavelength, I guess Ali-Al Sachez would work for them if he was paid, but Ribbons is an idealist and wouldn’t back down. I also think the recreation thing is linked in part to Veda, which Ribbons would have lost access to right about the time he died so he wouldn’t be able to regen but don’t quote me on this.

They are just two people and no matter how good they are their usefulness is limited and remember for them their life is the only thing worth protecting so they would run away from the overwhelming enemy. And I don’t think anyone would trust them as far as they could throw a mobile suit.

It’s been a long time since I revisited this thread. But what I was getting at with letting Ribbons live is that maybe he could have created stronger mobile suits than that of the GNX IV and the Gadelaza… I mean he created the Gadessa and all of the other types of that likeness. His mobile suits certainly would have helped fight off the ELS invasion.

Okay, I’ve another question. I"ve been watching Gundam SEED with my brother these last two weeks, and I have two things I need to resolve.

  1. Why is the Gundam Astray Red Frame in the opening?
  2. Did Andrew Waltfeld plan that blue cosmos attack on his city, or was that just a dub fail?

Extremely good questions. I think I’ll need to go back and revise that Andrew Waltfeld question, since I’ve only seen this in English.

I honestly never noticed the Red Frame in the opening.
Are you sure you’re not mistakening it for another suit?

Honestly, I think he may be referring to the M1 Astrays in Opening #3.

I might have seen it, but I can’t touch on remembering the openings.

However, the reason the M1 Astray have important roles in the later half of SEED, so that’s why it would be there.

I’ve watched it over and over again and it’s really difficult to tell, but I still believe that it’s the red frame Gundam. They changed it and removed the orb unit entirely from the HD remaster opening. During the opening, it’s when the images of the gundams changes rapidly. It goes from the duel to the buster, blitz, aegis, and then our mystery suit, then cuts to the moebius zero. I think it’s like 49 seconds into the opening. Give it a look for me?

Hmmm… difficult to say without seeing a video. I’m going to stand by my answer of the M1 Astray, as the Red Frame is only relegated side-story materials.

Well, I found this on the fourth opening, but from what you say, I’m doubtful this is the one you’re talking about.

Let us know so we can get to the bottom of it.
Honestly, it does look like the Red a lot.

It’s in the first opening. Did I forget to mention that?

Oh yeah, that’s the M1 Astray. I can tell because of the flight booster on the back and there’s two of them in the upper right-hand picture. M1’s were mass produced, Astray Red Frame was not.