The Question thread.

I have a lot of questions for you guys about a lot of Gundam. However, I’m heading to work right now, so I’ll only ask two right now. Please answer!!!

  1. Is Riddhe Marcenas a Newtype?
  2. Is Cagalli Yula Attha a coordinator?
  1. Gundam UC has not really said on screen yet if Riddhe is a New Type or not. It’s possible that he is a cyber New-Type, but it has not said. (Edit: Gundam Wiki Claims he is a New-Type)

  2. Edit: (checked Wiki) Her Wiki page says she is a Natural. However in one episode of SEED, I’m pretty sure I saw her enter SEED mode.

1)Yes he is a newtype.

2)No she is a natural genetically.

1 yes
2, id say no even though her and yamato are siblings. I dont think she has any coordinator abilities

  1. Yes, the Gundam wiki lists him as a Newtype.
  2. No, the Gundam wiki lists her as a Natural.

I don’t see why not to trust the wiki, it’s kept up to date by OCD fans.

Plus her father identifies her as natural and kira as a coordinator and he knows their origins perfectly.

On Cagalli;
Kind of strange, isn’t it? They’re siblings, but one was born naturally and the other was a test tube baby.
But it’s kind of understandable, because Kira has brown hair while Cagalli has blonde.

Another new question that needs to be debated:
Is Haro sentient!?

Another new question that needs to be debated:
Is Haro sentient!?

Yes, 100 times yes. Haro is the secret shadow in the background that has been controlling the UC since the one year war and continues to manipulate the masses and the pilots until V Gundam and beyond.

Actually Haro is an interdimensional being that is there to ensure creation of mobile suits and following use of them in military. After all it did that in AD universe. and it seems it is always near when a gundam appears.

I’m a firm believer that the Haro is part of an observation program left behind by the super-advanced race that created the Turn-X. It’s missing completely in Turn A because its mission has been completed, haha.

Cagalli and Kira cannot be brother and sister if Kira wasn’t born from his mother, and Cagalli was. Cagalli went SEED mode. Naturals can do that?

Kira is a coordinator so he was extensively genetically modified while Cagalli is baseline human, it is probable that for better chances of SEED mode they chose a human dna that is already showing signs of that ability. Hence they are brother and sister but Kira was genetically modified from the base material that Cagalli was born from.

To address haro:

He certainly is sentient. The Haro in Gundam 00 and MSG is fully sentient, whilst all others are poopfaced.

Man, my mind is blown. The Turn X is even painted Haro green, and has a round design to it. Perhaps the Turn X is actually Haro’s true form.

As for the questions regarding Cagalli and Riddhe…

I agree with Exia, especially regarding the OCD fans comment. As such, Riddhe is a Newtype (I expect to see him use Destroy Mode next episode to prove it) and Cagalli is a Natural. Click the link below to find out what SEED mode is, and why a Natural can use it.

I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it, Haro’s race created the moonlight butterfly! Humans were not advanced enough to handle that kind of power and that must be how the dark history ended!

Alrighty, I’m asking as well :

Does Kou join the titans?

Nope, he either remains in the Earth forces or marries the girl and finds a different job possibly a test pilot for Anaheim. from the last moments of the OVAs we know he does not wear a titans uniform unlike the others.

Which we are all grateful for, because the Titans are pricks that have been sharpened for maximum prick.
From what is shown, neither Kou nor Keith become Titans.
Monsha’s crew though… I solely believe they where forced because of their actions with Unit 03.

I am sure they probably only served with the Titans in the early days of that organization, back when it wasn’t corrupt and its goal was just to get rid of pro-Zeon terrorists, instead of anyone who remotely went against the Federation like in the Zeta era. Remember that the Titans were founded as a result of the events that happened during Gundam 0083, specifically Gato nuking the E.F. fleet and wiping out more than half of it. As such, Monsha and the gang probably were the first in line to join the Titans and its proclaimed mission to search and destroy any and all Zeon terrorists, since they witnessed firsthand and played a role in all the events that transpired as a result of Operation Stardust.

After all in 5 years from 0083 to Zeta all kind of things could have happened.