The "philosophical" values of GW (ongoing)

Philosophical Values of :
New Mobile Report : Gundam Wing (Anime)

To commence my theory, I'd like to affirm I haven't examined the show entirely yet. There may be many more hints and elements worthy looking at; hence, I declare this incomplete and to be elaborated anytime soon. 

That being said, it’s highly required for the reader to be aware of some of Aristotle’s theories, that mainly being Autarchy, Satre’s views on pre-determinism and Decartes’ conception regarding Solipsism by the end of this text in order to comprehend every single dissertation enclosed. The reader is not expected to have perused the previously enumerated theories beforehand for I’ll strive to give brief explanations as to each topic.

Moving on to the first subject, I reckon it’s most urgent to notify you, the reader, what solipsism is about. Should you happen to have learnt this at school, you may skip this part if you want.
For those of you not knowing what solipsism is, there’s one thing you will always have to reflect on;
Nothing exists for certain but your conscience; your senses/perception enhance(s) a false reality you take to be true.
It’s also possible for you to live in nothingness and you might be the only person exisitng in this zilchness and yet your (likely) fraudulent mind/perception/conscience (Mind = Perception = Conscience) brings about a false reality.
Furthermore, Descartes considered one’s own conscience to be the only thing to exist for certain. Whilst I’m capable of grasping what led him to this statement, I acknowledge why this may be wrong as well.
You are indeed unable to insinuate yourself into others; thus, you will never be able to make sure others have a conscience, including mind and senses, as you do.
(The answer regarding why people assume others have a conscience too is due to the fact they are capable of empathizing and understanding the emotions, reactions and reasons of others)
Anyway, if others do in fact exist, you may question whether they notice things the same way we do? For instance, what WE BOTH call green (a colour, obviously) might look to me like a pattern with tiles and to you like a plain colour. However, since our understanding of the terms of colour and/or a pattern bears the likeliness of being the same in words but different in sensation, our perception might not comply at all.

Now, should we label the presumption that other human beings have a conscience and the fact that everything we perceive through our senses to be true, reliable and to match with others’ perce (we’re getting to WZ and Epyon in a minute, carry on reading) would we have any proof that other beings or even objects (!) have a conscience as well?
To answer this question, I have to raise a question for you to answer :

A wallet, a pen, an apple, a joystick, a chair made of wood, a tree, a dog and a machine.

Put these things in an order determining which one is most likely to have a conscience and which one does not have the slightest chance of having one, by beginning with.
I will not disclose my personal views on this for everyone thinks differently. Additionally, this doesn’t feature any views for me to force upon you.

You may have noticed the word “machine” in the listed options. As this text serves the remit of elucidating you about a few unnoticed elements Wing actually took advantage of.
To be straightforward, WZ and Epyon exhibit traits implying they possess a conscience or rather something beyond that.

How that is you may be wondering about; Well, it is much more simple than it may seem.
I personally (who else?) perceive WZ and Epyon to accomodate something exceeding a human conscience for they do not only turn out to be capable of scanning an area, as known about other machines, they are too capable of affecting the pilot’s perception, by imposing deliberately bogus images (e.g EP 32 : Duo sees pictures of several Deathscythe Gundams being displayed on a screen) on the pilot. In the end, they manage to comprehend WZ’s or Epyon’s idea of what is righteous or not;

Remind me to continue this anytime soon. (next should be the relaion to satre; I may revise this

Why has no one responded to this thread yet? I’m a Gundam Wing fan, Gundam Wing introduced me to Gundam and I appreciate the fact that someone else is a fan of Gundam while trying to examine it philosophically, as that was what I was trying to do when I was watching the entire series on my phone LOL. Ill submit my own “analysis” of Gundam Wing when I get my own computer in a week. In the meantime Id like to see this discussion grow.

There’s not much to discuss.
Many either remain uninterested as they have, they dislike Wing or are unfamiliar with philosophical theories.
The fact I also require people to know certain topics vital to my dissertation makes it even worse and less appealing to them.
(will continue sooner or later)

In Lit class we had to write a essay imitating Jonathan Swift’s parodying of Boyle’s (yes, the man behind Boyle’s law) writing style for being pretentious. He would write in the most outdated, cheesy and pompous style, for example read his essay on how humans are related to clouds. Swift had enough of reading his crap so he decided to write his own piece modeled after the “honorable” Boyle entitled “Meditations on a Broomstick.” In class I decided to write “In Defense of the Mech Design,” which was my attempt to sound arrogant and “deep” as well. Ill post it once my computer arrives home this week. I used examples from Gundam Wing exclusively.