The One Who Sits In Silence

Here’s a poem I wrote at about 12:00 last night.

I sit in silence, always a serious face
Some think its because I have no friends
Others think I’m depressed
But the truth is neither
It’s because I understand the world and its’s pains
Some go their lives happy and outgoing as if life is some fun game with periods of sadness
They are blind
They do not see the world as it truly is
They don’t understand war, poverty, and death
It’s almost if I can feel the worlds and everyone’s emotions
It’s almost if I can see strait into what something truly is
I am the one who sits in silence always a serious face
It’s not because I’m depressed
It’s not because I have no friends
It’s because I can feel the worlds pains
~Anthony Joseph Martin

I love this poem more than any other I have ever read!

I don’t think so RX-78-2… I think DragoninDisguise’s poem about dying young was much MUCH better.

Yes but the meaning of this one is more special to me.

It’s meaning is describing me, you know that right?

For anybody that read my poem that I posted a while back here, I just wanted to say PLEASE don’t post this elsewhere without giving me credit because I spent a VERY long time on it and it would devastate me if somebody else called it their own. If you do post this somewhere else be sure to include this in the post too. That is all, thank you for your time.

I know it is describing you a lot of it describes me also.