The Mystery of the Gundam Image Archive

Way back when, during the age of Geocities and Toonami, there was an archive of mobile images that all shared the same design style. It was clear that these had to of been made either by the same person, or a group that all shared the same style. These images were supposedly all stored on a website that I can vaguely remember. It was a mostly light gray website that was fairly well designed. I’ll provide links to some images that had been on this site. It’s a mystery still to me as to why this site was taken down, or why it just disappeared, but I’m supremely interested in knowing the origins of these images and how the all could be once again collected into one place like before.

I suppose I’m reaching out in asking: Does anyone know any information about the website and the images that were made for it?

I honestly have no idea what the site you’re talking about was, but I DO know that more of these styled images can be found (in black and white) is you search for " (mobile suit name) lineart"

It’s not perfect, but I hope it helps some.

I know these designs. These were drawn by Mark Simmons, probably the biggest Gundam fan in N. America. He’s written two (to my knowledge) English encyclopedia’s detailing the history of Gundam. He usually helps with translation work as I’ve seen his name in the English credits of DWG3.

Is this the site you were talkimg about?

He’s almost certainly talking about Mark Simmons’ old website, the Gundam Project. It was shut down because it became so popular that he couldn’t afford the bandwidth. Bandai later hired him on for and various other projects. That site introduced me to UC, Gundam X, and others while Wing was still early in its first run on Toonami. I remember being so bummed when I read the news that it had to be shut down.

spot on!!! Thank you so much!