The Motion Pictures of Badassery.

So if you have videos that don’t fit in as “funny” and are just straight awesome, share them here.

This will also keep from clogging up the subforums with multiple threads on videos.
Anyways, G-systems is amazing.




The second video is a must see for Zeta fans, and Kenyon is going to love the first and third.

1st, @SFA: Yes youd be right id be thrilled at seeing 1&3. and Zeta was just as badass.
2nd: where can we find these badass busts?

I’m almost positive that they’re by g-systems, which only means that they’ll be reaaaally expensive. I’ll post more videos on epic stuff I find in a bit.


This must have taken forever.

that is the coolest thing done to Zelda so far lol.




Pretty interesting.

Lawlz at first I thought the chicken was going super saiyan.


All of my yes.

Oh holy cow! That is amazing! I wish I still had legos to try that.

Just beacuse. Also, SPOLIER ALERT for Gundam Unicorn ep4


This isnt a motion picture perse, but it was badass non the less…

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I actually mentioned this video^ while we were recording the next episode of Shelf Life :slight_smile: It is cuh-ray-zee!

Most badass Painjob to put on a Sazabi… i wonder what Char’s orginal pink would look like on it…or better yet a Hyaku Shiki Theme!

pretty well done:

I have to agree with you on that one GNz. That is one badass video.

If you think thats badass try this:

If this isnt Badass then notin is and should it be in the funny vids section, mods please redirect this clip.

This is while i love SMA and Gundam put together, you get stuff like this.

That was epic! (Makes me want do a gundam stop motion… but I only have two models!)

those are all amazing!!