The most representative characters by category

Super human - Heero Yuy, pilot of Gundam Wing
How can he not die falling from the cockpit after self-detonation? Along with his extraordinary motor function, his suicidal mindset is probably what makes him invincible. I believe he is one of the only 2 people who can conquer the Zero System.

Team builder - Quatre Winner, pilot of Gundam Sandrock
One of the few scenes that I can remember from Gundam W is how Quattro leads the other pilots to defeat the strategic waves of attack by Mobile Dolls. Note that Duo is impulsive while Wufei and Trowa have serious personality defects. Uniting them to fight as a team is almost impossible.

Hyper Newtype - Captain Jamail, former pilot of Gundam X
Anyone who has watched Gundam X can never forget his ability to control a squadron of MS bits. I am just curious how the colonies could reach the Earth while multiple shots of Satellite Canons were fired simultaneously. Despite with his ‘cockpit phobia’, he also managed to show Garrold how to defeat the funnels from a Qubeley-like MS. Imagine if Jamail could pilot Gundam X at his full capacity…

Legendary commander - Bright Noa, captain of White Base (WB) / Agarma
He, together with his crew, survived numerous battles from UC0079. Don’t forget WB has always been out-numbered by Zeon forces during the OYW. While the phenomenal combat ability of Amuro is undeniable, Bright’s technique in commanding improves battle after battle. I can still recall he strategically ordered to hide WB in a stadium to wait for an counter-attack in a region whose skies are dominated by Zeon.

A man that I cannot resist - Zechs / Milliardo Peacecraft, pilot of Tallgeese I / Gundam Epyon
Handsome! Charming! Ambitious! Visionary!

Pathological Narcissist - Treize Khushrenada
Pretty much self-explantory.

A girl boys cannot resist - TIffa Adill
Well, this is from a girl’s perspective. She has a kind heart, sweet voice and a cute face. She is probably one of the few female characters free of any mental issues. Look at those in the Zeta era. They can give you a hug, stab you the next second without having a clue on what they did. Don’t let me start about Haman Karn, the pervert of the century.

Gifted Gundam pilot- Garrold Ran, pilot of Gundam X
All New Types are excluded. As a natural, he is a fast learner whose skills improve after each battle, thanks to the pyscho brothers. This character could have been more appealing without his annoying voice.

The imaginary couple - Kou Uraki, pilot of prototype GP-01 and 03 and the woman piloting Alex
A spoiled brat. This guy thinks too high of himself who can bite far more than he can chew. He must be nuts thinking his calculations can be better than the engineer who designed the Gundam, You know what happened next using a ground-type Gundam in the space… Speaking of this woman, I would have put a bullet between her eyes if I could for manipulating 2 men at the same time.

Another pilot who should never be granted access to a Gundam is the crazy woman (what is her name?) thinking herself can control Alex. The NT from the code RX-78-NT1 denotes New Type. She is no where close to one. A Gundam completely destroyed by only a Zaku? This got to be the joke of the century.

They could have formed a couple notorious as ‘Gundam destroyers’.

Please feel free to add the list and share your thoughts.