The most awesome/awful/value for money kits you have?

Let me start with the positive side first. This Astray Noir kit from PB has exceeded my expectation. I am never a fan of the Astray series but I fell for it the moment encountering with the PB banner years ago. Despite with the massive Strike Noir pack, the kit can stand alone without any problems. A wide range of actions are also possible without things falling apart!

As for the most awful kit - This Amazing Exia Dark Matter is definitely a nightmare. Although it looks stunning, it does inherit the fragile issue from the Exia product line. The most delicate parts are the chest and waist armors. The hand parts also do not do their jobs as expected. I had to glue both blades to prevent them from falling. Needless to say, this kit has a difficulty to stand even without any poses. Intriguingly, this is also the first kit in my collection that can fall with an action stand!!

My experience is that almost all MG NT-piloted gundams worth what I paid! They require much more commitment but when they are completed, you never get sick in looking at them. I actually have struggled once whether to install the HWS to my Nu Gundam. Those bulky HWS parts not only mask the well-balanced armor colour scheme but also add a lot of weight to the kit (particularly to the left arm, when equipped with the huge shield booster). At last, I decided to only go with the double funnel system as shown below. As for the FA Unicorn Gundam, it is a shame for Bandai to make the kit available through PB only. There is no extra finish coating or any effect part. What makes it different from the FA Unicorn in the market is the replacement of the green frame with red frame. The kit is designed to display as it is. You don’t expect the kit to be compatible with any fancy actions, do you? Anyway, I am still satisfied with the extensive weapons which make the Gundam “FA”.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on any kits that you have that you consider awesome, awful or worth what you paid!

Best value kit for me is the MG Gundam Mk.II version 2.0. That kit (while certainly old by modern standards) still holds up well today. The color separation is good, the balance is good, and the poseability is good. All-in-all, a great first Master Grade kit to buy.

Worst kit in my collection… hmm… I would have to say the MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka. Unfortunately, this one is one of the earlier Katoki redesigns and it shows. The X-shaped back thrusters are flimsy, the beam shield generators are fragile (also disappointed that this kit didn’t come with a beam shield), and weapons don’t have as good as color separation as later kits have. The one positive about this kit it that the knee joints are pretty good, but that’s about it.

Best kit in my collection is a tie between the HGUC Re-GZ and the MG Wing Gundam. The color separation is excellent (doubly so for the Re-GZ as it it one the larger and higher than average priced High Grades), the balance is superb (doubly so for the Wing with its wings spread out), and the beam sabers between the two are unique: the Re-GZ has these flat yellow ones, while the Wing has these slightly oversized curved green ones.

Best kit in my collection, would have to the the PG Perfect Strike. It too is my favorite Gundam of all time. I haven’t even built it yet haha!

As for the best one I have completed, it would have to be my Sinanju Stein Narrative Ver. He is massive, has a lot of detail, and was an absolute blast to build. RIght now i have him taken apart because I plan to paint him.

Worst kit in my collection has got to be the HG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility. I feel like it’s way too much going on for a high grade gundam. I was burned out by the time I finished the thing…

Oof. My pockets aren’t that deep to get the PG stuff, though the most expensive ones I got were the RG Unicorn and Strike Freedom, both of which were a bit difficult to build (especially the latter. Cool as hell but by googly did it frustrate me).

For these, they are the ones that I have completed. I have some kits (PG Mk.II) that I haven’t built yet.

Best - MG Sinanju Stein
Worth the cost - MG Nu Ver Ka
Worst - MG GP02