The Kumatei's plamo

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I’ll readd the zaku link and add in the spider mech from Sora no Woto.



nice work on the zaku

Added more pics for the zaku. I experimented with washes, and digicam.
I experimented with different ways to put dirt and grime on the mobile suit. It was ok if I went overboard, this zaku was a test bed for other suits later on anyway.
I had an issue where putting the peices together would mar the paint on edges, so I had to cover it up with medium gray. Some of the “dirt” was applied with brush as well. The techniques I think work best is to lather the entire section with the wash using a brush, then hit it with an air brush to blow it away, slightly drying it in the process. For the smaller specs, I hit the brush with the air and it splattered over top of the zaku.
The eye is a peice of plastic with the back end painted bright red. It gives it dept and looks much better than a sticker.
I was happy that the scale of the grime looks good even if zoomed in like this. When painting with an air brush, I have to clean out its paint jar, and since that is the same as watered down paint, I keep it for the wash later. This is black, medium gray, and a sandy color.
I experimented with a digicam on the shield using colors I am planning for my next build, the EZ8. I tried different approaches to making the squares, but it works fine if you just make many rectangles of differing sizes, space them out, and use multiple layers. It has layers of the original german-green-gray, brown, white+sandy, then a tan. The real thing would probably use smaller rectangles.
I put more wash on the bottom of the suit, like it flew through mud to get where it needed to go. The exhaust ports are all a rusty red brown color due to the oxidation.
The paint layers tend to build up on or around the masking tape, so it can look a bit murky if you’re not careful. I used a paper towel to sand down the buildup between each layer. This does require multiple passes with different colors, and I couldn’t just wait for it to dry, I had to apply more tape to it each time, it took a while.
For oddly shaped parts like the shield’s handle, or the “shoulder” piece that is between the handle and shield, I got a paper towel and dipped it in water, then wrapped it around the oddly shaped peices, sort or like paper mache. It was much better than trying to use 100% masking tape.
My lighting is two lamps and many LEDs. They arent that bright so they arent much of a help, but colors like Gunmetal are almost always shining at any angle.


I like how it turned out!

I finally got around to finishing EZ8 with desert digicam. It was hard getting the rectangles on, but its done.



Gundam RX-78G EZ8 desert
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Very nicely done. Great work

Added a few more pics to existing plamo and finished Arbalest with the wings. This is an older one, before the Ver IV models were made. I’ll get to those in time.

One more Takemikazuchi

more zaku with terrain
This mech has been one experiment after another. I used putty and wood filler for rocks, a mix of mod pudge and floor polish for a transparent water layer behind it. This was my first attempt at fake grass too. I dont think it worked out, but it was worth trying.
The idea was that instead of the cyclops team making an entirely new mech, they just rebuilt the fallen zaku. It just got out of the window / lake and onto a sluice way before making it up the wall onto land.

Arbalest w/ wings

Finally finished the gouf custom. Its when norris jumped down into the sky light of the building he was standing on. I took some liberties with the building.




That looks awesome, very well done.