the indestructible?

colasour is more like colasour the cockroach:cool:

I Love Coloasour don’t be a hater!

he is so annoying though and he is always hitting on Kiti?

Cauliflower was amazing don’t even.

Heero Yuy is the only truly indestructible pilot.

Only becasue Heero has ub3r Goondoom hacks AKA the Wing and Wing Zero.

I support GNZ’s message

That Cauliflower/SweetandSour whoever he was was crap tier garbage.

Graham Aker is the pure definition between Sacrifice and Suicide.

Graham Aker all day.

Let’s face it… Patrick Colasaur is a freakin’ cockroach! He never dies!
… Graham FTW!

Moving this to battleground.

Good call.

Reason 1 of GA being better. Took on the gundam thrones in a flag and was so beast his body could not keep up with his abilities.

im almost done watching gundam 00 so what should i watch next?

and yes Graham Aker is so mutch better than the cockroach

Yes, Graham is awesome, but c’mon, Sweetandsour was a good solid comic relief character!

whatever. acctually the character i hated the most was Nena i was so happy when Louise blew her to bits, it made me laugh insanely hehe

Have you watched the 00 movie?

no i don’t know where to find it and i was asking about a series

I would suggest watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam ,or Zeta either way.

Both of which can be viewed for free (and legally) on

And btw the true cockroach is Kira Yamato.

I was about to say Kira, remember when his cockpit was slashed right down the middle and he still survived. What about Setsuna, he never seemed to die. Well none acctually died except in a few