The Great Mono-eye Dilemma

So, with the recent Build Fighter splurge, I’ve been exposed to more Zeon units in the 1/144 scale than ever. HG’s been giving it the old college try to give the famous mono-eye some range of movement, but let’s face it, not all kits are created equal, and often you’re left with that tough choice… Do you put the sticker in a neutral spot, or place it dynamically?

I usually put it center on a HG. I can always turn the head for a dynamic pose.

Hmmm, ideally, I want mine dynamic. If it can’t be done, then no mono eye at all, haha.

Neutral. Always neutral.

I never had any MS with mono-eye, really. But, if i build one, and had fixed position, would place it in neutral position.

Case by case. My Zaku II’s is dead on, but Char’s Z’Gok? Off to one side. And as for the mighty Zock…well, that’s movable, so it goes wherever it damn well pleases. Who could stop it?

Makes sense. But what about those poor kits (like my Dreissen for example) that are incapable of turning their heads?

Mod 'em! You know you want to.

I’ve seen that it’s actually a really simple mod. A simple hole and a piece of runner, and voila’! You have your very own moveable mono-eye.

Only mono-eyed kit I’ve had is the Tieren Taozi (both Soma and Sergei’s) and thankfully the monoeye there is movable :slight_smile:
My brother does have a BuCUE though, he decided to keep the Monoeye in the neutral position.

All my little 1/144 kits have the mono moveable. But if i had to chose. Id say its a case by case.

Bossguy is right. I did basically that for my Kampfer Amazing. I just didn’t have the tools to drill a hole.

But in any case. For all my old HG Mono-Eyed kits. They were centered.

Case by case. Most of my mono-eye kits feature movable eyes, but if not, I go by what kind of range of movement their heads have. Decent range = centered, minimal = a tad off to one side.

You have any references for this? If it’s safe enough I might just try it with my Dreissen.

Here you go. Hope this helps. I think it would look better if you stuck the piece of runner in, and then glued one of those aftermarket lenses onto it.

Awesome. Thanks Bossguy!

Thanks for that DIY idea! I may have to try that out on a HGUC “volunteer”. I do like the idea of a factory-made mobile mono-eye, and I’m thinking about getting some soon. For my own real mono-eye preference, I like reflective eye-stickers or plastic eye-lens to give the appropriate shiny-eyed look. :cool:

Glad it helped. :smiley: