The Ghosts

Just something I’m writing up when I have some time to kill. On to the story!

On the screens surrounding me, instead of seeing sun light, there was just carnage and death. I was stuck with a squad that was given the job of delaying the Fedie advance onto one of the few Zeon bases left in this country, Russia. The plan we were told was that our forces will be falling back to space. And every piece of war is needed. Then there was us. The Ghosts. Ambushing from the shadows then disappearing into thin air.*

I was placed into this unit as a replacement back in June but now it’s Oct. that feels like years ago to me. As soon as I turned 18 in May, I joined the military. I was lucky enough to be a mobile suit pilot. I barley became one. If I didn’t, I would have been a gunner in a tank which wasn’t that bad. But girls love those mobile suit boys. Many of my friends was drafted into different roles in the military. My best friend Phil was stationed in one of those huge space ships. That would have be a great job. Who am I joking? Being a mobile suit pilot is much better!*

“Come on! Get up baby! You haven’t let me down yet!” I yelled, pressing the start button. Finally got so annoyed that I punched the button really hard. The reactor kicked into life with that sweet humming sound coming from behind me. “OK OK everything is not lost. Just lost behind enemy lines… With no radio… And to make it better…” looking at the screen to the left of me showing the. “the left back pack thruster is knocked out.”*

Deep down inside, I wish Cal got back to base. The both of us was ordered to check out a down cargo aircraft. Simple mission but it got not so simple. By the time we got there, four GMs was already there, securing the wreck. Thankfully they didn’t see us, until a GM sniper hidden in a ruined building spotted us and fired a shot. Neither of us was hit but that alerted the rest of them to our presence. Cal fired a shot from his magella cannon. That shot slammed into the fourth GM in the legs causing it to fall on the wreck of the airplane. My target sight locked onto the closest GM armed with a rocket launcher. I opened fire with my 120 mm. The first salvo missed due to the fact he jumped out of the way. "Come on come on!I mumbled in between clenched teeth. The 2nd string of lead smashed into his shield and head. With his main camera knocked out, he withdrew from the fight. “Good job Cal! Keep it up!” Right then, a GM fired his rocket launcher. It was a direct hit on his left shoulder pad. “Shit! This is not good!” he yelled. His weapon fell from his remaining hand. “Fall back! We need to cut our damage.” I said in a calm voice. “Agreed.”*

His Zaku’s rear thrusters fired up and he jumped back. Me being the smart guy I am, I fired my thrusters and did a 180 in the air showing my rear to the enemy. The other GM with a beam gun started to shoot at me, red beams flashing past me. “Time to use some smoke.” I pressed the button to fire off the smoke launchers. The popping sound telling that the smoke grenades deployed correctly. Switching over to thermal vision, I could see though the thick white smoke. Not even five seconds after the smoke was fired off, the whole mobile suit shook violently. A red flashing light filled up the whole cockpit with a ringing sound. That meant I was hit. The kind of hit that major damage was done. I landed behind a large ridge on my front. As soon as I hit the ground, there was an explosion from my backpack. Then the power shut off. “Shit, they are going to check out where I crashed and finish me off” was the thought running though my head.*


They never came. I hope Cal made it back to base and tell them where I was and sent out a search party. On the other hand, my Zaku is now up and running. I can at least try to get closer to base. It’s only 40 miles away. Just can’t use the thrusters. Not that bad. Did a quick system check to see what else isn’t working. Just the thrusters and the radio was knocked out. I got up and started off back to base, praying that I will not be finished up…