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New Forum, new models.
My current work in progress is the HGUC Hyaku Shiki (Revive). It’s coming together quickly and should be completed in a couple days.


I’ve decided to put the Hyaku Shiki away for awhile, because I got the new Zaku II Type C6/R6. I’m excited to be painting this kit because I recently got some waterslides of pinup girls to put on the shield. I did a quick mock up in Photoshop of how I want to paint it. I based the color scheme on that of some WWII planes when I was doing some research.

I’ll be painting using Citadel paints as usual.

You did that with Citadel Paint??? NICE!!! Did you use an airbrush???

No, I did that in Photoshop. It’s a mock up of how I’ll be painting my Zaku II. I don’t own an airbrush, so I hand brush all my kits. I usually get a smooth finish because I mix a little water into my paint on a palette. I’ll be sure to post a few updates with the real thing as I make progress.

Here’s an update on my Zaku II Type C-6. I drilled a hole in the track for the mono-eye and inserted an HD Builders Parts pink lens inside. The back of the lens was painted with The Army Painter’s Shining Silver. The rest of the kit so far has been painted with Citadel paints.

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Here are some updates on my Zaku II Type C-6/R6

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The waterslide on the shield looks cool!


Thanks! I decided to take a two month break from modelling because I was burnt out and just got back into it the other day.

All that’s left is to paint the weapons.

Zaku II Type C-6 “Revolver Jane”