The Future of Perfect Grades

So what’s going on with the Perfect Grade line? It has been going on 3 years since the release of the last Perfect Grade (Strike Freedom in 2010). And it’s pretty depressing to see that there hasn’t been a Universal Century PG release in a decade!
This is obviously us speculating, but do you think Bandai is phasing out the PG line in favor of the Real Grade line? I know, 1/60 to 1/144 isn’t comparable, but they maintain a similar appeal for dedication and detail.
If the Perfect Grade line is merely dormant, what do you expect will be released next?

Well what would they actually release from the universal century anyway? They release kits based on their demand and I doubt there’s much demand for any apart from the lead gundams. Assumedly they’ve looked at whether the other lead gundams from the universal century and decided they aren’t viable for perfect grades. There’s hope for the Unicorn maybe since they usually release perfect grades after the series has ended.

I’d say that the Unicorn, Banshee, and the Sinanju are all perfect candidates for a PG treatment. As for any other lead Gundam, I really can’t think of any other that could use a PG kit. But I’d be very tempted to buy a PG Banshee.

It could be that the PG line hasn’t been as profitable as the others, hence why nothing has been released since. They have been expanding the RG line more and more so it could be that they’re leaning towards that too, which I don’t mind at all since they cost less and the detail is plentiful.

I don’t really know what PG kit I would want next. Maybe another grunt suit.

I bet that they’ll release Unicorn this Christmas, and maybe Banshee soon after to go along with it. I don’t think a PG Nu Gundam is that far-fetched, either, but not nearly as likely as Unicorn.
However, I think an AGE-1 Perfect Grade kit with swappable armor for Normal/Titus/Spallow is a realistic possibility, a la Zephyranthes. While the series itself doesn’t seem to be extremely popular, the kits seem to be doing well. Just a thought.

Hmmm, I actually wouldn’t mind an AGE-1 PG kit, especially if they add the swappable armor parts (at least one set, since I know Bandai will milk it with after-market products).

It would be very easy to make. The AGE-1 is very basic. And you know they’d make the all the extra parts Premium Online Exclusives.

I was about to propose they produce an AGE kit as they feature really satisfying and precious quality.

They could also be shrewd, working out a design for Unicorn and Banshee. However, They’d have to do well not to screw them up as they did on the MG Unicorn.

I was thinking about that too, if they decide to make a PG Unicorn/Banshee. That transforming gimmick is obviously a pain to implement on their MG line (hell, even for their non-kit Metal Composite version) so something needs to be changed if it’s being translated to PG size.

For the AGE-1, I think they can make some serious cash if they make the alternate armor parts premium online exclusives.

It’s that exact reason why I have stayed away from the MG Unicorn and Banshee. I’d just leave them both in Destroy Mode. I think with the larger scale of the PG, they might be able to engineer a new way of transformation. Something a lot easier, and might allow for a greater range of movement.

I think if a perfect grade comes out from the unicorn line it should be Kshatriya. The high grade is great but kshatriya needs to be massive and i don’t know how to build resin so a perfect grade would be ok with me.

Really? That thing would be ridiculously big even for a perfect grade. Also they mainly release the lead gundams of series so I doubt that would happen.

Still surprised they haven’t milked the 00 frame yet and made either a PG Exia or PG QuanT.

My next 1/60 scale kit is gonna be the inevitable Ez8 from Neograde. XD I hope they weren’t lying to me lol

HLJ did a thing about the Kshatriya. They said that Bandai attempted to create a MG version the Kshatriya, they said that it was way to heavy to even support it’s own binders. Even the aid of an action base was no help. So I highly doubt that a PG version would be able to support itself. Though it would be awesome.

Yea there is a bandai prototype, came out around the first ova, but the cost of making it would require metal to support the binder weight. Kind of like with the HGUC Dendrobium, and the cost wouldn’t justify it. It’s a shame but if you want a 1/100 scale Kyshatriya, you either have one of the many resin versions, or you can shell out175+shipping for the Elyn Hobby plastic version coming out later this month. Parts will actually be precut from the trees and prepped. Really tempting but so expensive!

“Premium” is a dirty word in my vocabulary. Along with “fussy” and “relax”.

Why pre-cut them from the trees? Wouldn’t that just make it more expensive cause of that extra work the company is putting into it?

I think because it’s a small company(even though they have ALOT of support) it’s quality control thing. The parts are made the same way as a resin kit. This is pretty much a resin kit done in plastic w/ the huge resin gate marks removed.

It’s a limited run as well, kind of makes it pretty unique.

Their release statement:


Are you a hobby perfectionist?
Are you looking for something special from general presentation in the hobby market?
Are you desiring for hobby collectibles, especially mechanic characters, with a perfectly built-up quality already ?

If you say “yes” to all, ELYN is definitely an irresistent choice for you.

We are specialising in highly sophisticated mechanical presentation of robot model kits with high practicability of action-joints. A series of large projects are now in progress. They are plastic injectin made, multi-color semi-finished model kits, accompanied with also a colored internal robot frame. More important, our projects are made of injection-outlet-free technology. Customer needs not to use plier and polishing tools during final assembly.

I like the Kyshatriya design, but not enough to actually buy a kit of it. This thing is supposed to have amazing articulation and gimmicks, and i really don’t need all that lol

There is no way they’ll produce a PG Kshatriya, that thing would be a monster haha. I really hope to see a PG Unicorn in the near future though. Hopefully they can work out the kinks in the transformation process that the MG Unicorn had. I would certainly buy it!

IMO, the PG line is not on Bandais radar, we won’t see a new PG for several years (it at all).

Aside from a PG Unicorn (which will be classed a disappointment without a illuminated Psycho-Frame) there are very few mobile suits that warrant a PG. PG Unicorn however would allow a double dip as the Banshee version would be an easy second release.

If I worked for Bandai , and could influence their release and production process, I’d push for a PG Sinanju or a PG Zaku 2.0!!