The coolest mecha anime (non-gundam)

Tekkaman Blade

thats it people the best mecha based anime thats not gundam (in my opinion)

yes i think its better then neon genesis evangelion

i mean just watch the intro its awesome!

Either Macross, or Full Metal Panic IMO. (In terms of more Real Robot stuff)

For Full on Super robot, Guren Lagan.

Real Robot: Blue Gender, Macross, LGaim (dont really know if you can call it this if not tell me), Code Geass (REAL personal fave), Full Metal Panic,…dont know any other…

Super Robot: Aura battler Dunbine, Guren Lagan, Big O, Heroic Age (Techinically this is not a mecha show but since there are some in it it kinda counts :p), and IMO my Fav who should be THE most Epic and the best Super Robot Mecha show: Escaflowne…nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah okay i understand story and bs, but all the action is in this anime. how you even seen the anime? if you seen this anime on fox kids or any other channel on tv you must have an awesome childhood

yep…The sword fights between Escaflowne and Swartzes unit really got my blood pumpin when i saw them duel…pure awesomeness. and besides out of all the Super robot and Real robot shows that have good songs, which one can really compete with this?:


Godannar is a really good super robot show, it’s pure mecha/ecchi.

my fav coolest mecha is cross fight dangaioh

agree here, as a matter of fact, i watched the movie the other week with my sons, they were awestruck at the awesomeness!

Too bad guyver can’t get on this list.

I remember being so stoked about Guyver, but I never finished it. lol

Is this about the anime themselves or specifically how cool the mecha within them are?

There are plenty of anime I like but which I dislike the mecha in - RahXephon for one :o. And vice versa I couldn’t stand Rinne No Lagrange, but I like the mecha (and background) design.

Apart from Gundam I suppose my favourite mecha designs are probably: Votoms - and although it’s only a ‘one hit’, I really liked the exo skeleton mecha in Metal Skin Panic Madox 01. Super Dimension Century Orguss had really interesting mecha in it too.

My favourite other anime with mecha in it would probably be - Martian Successor Nadesico, Gurren Lagann and Gunbuster OVA.

sailor moon

haha theres no mecha in that is there - I ain’t never seen it - respect for your Gouf sig btw :slight_smile:

lol srry i just seen the anime part… I will re phrase, i like Big O

yeah I just finished Big O last night, and while I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending, I always knew there was no way such a mysterious and cool setting could be fully resolved. I loved the mood and art in general of the whole thing, but I never really loved the mecha design, though the cars were cool, I suppose though the mecha design suited the setting.

I agree I thought the Big O was ugly at first to, but like the Turn A it finally grew on me

Best overall mecha anime for me would be the full metal panic series. I think that’s a show I’ve re-watched the most.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is another, but that’s more super robot.

Dunbine, L-Gaim, Macross (with the exception of Robotech, i like them all lol), Full Metal Panic, Broken Blade (seriously cool), Votom, Big O, Gurren Lagan, Code Geass, and of course the coolest and the most epic Escaflowne.

Super Robot Wars


Also, I’d have to go with Martian Successor Nadesico and Full Metal Panic. I like Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I find it way too… not for me. Seriously. Maybe when I’m living in Japan one day, and I’m watching it again, I might drool over it.

Getter Robo, hell ya. Also, none of you might be familiar with this one, but it’s called Sei Jushi Bisumark. Otherwise known in the USA as Sabre Rider and the Star Sheriffs. We got that version in South Africa aswell, and I was only aware of the Japanese title a few years back. I must have grown up on it.

Also, Mechs where also in Pokemon… but that doesn’t count.