The Car Topic

So in the “Art of Badassery” topic SFA posted a pic of a nice R32 (With a Graham Aker paint scheme) so he said hit him up with a PM if we want to talk about cars.

Then I had this grand scheme, why not make a topic to discuss cars, ones ya want, ones ya hate, ones ya just want to drive and then never look at again, or just talk shop ask questions, and just BS about cars.

So I was watching Top Gear last night (the US version) and they had a bit about the Caddy CTS-V, a car I’ve loved since the first gen (which happens to also be the previous one) and they where basically showing off what it could do, and all three of the body styles (Sedan, and now Coupe and Wagon) and they had a race between the Wagon version and they new Ferrari California, which while the California is the baby of the Ferrari line up at the moment, and the entry level car, it was still impressive that in heads up drag the Wagon beat it.

Not only that, the wagons lap time out did the coupe version, finely more Americans might respect Sport Wagons, then again the respect in the US for them is because of the grocrey getter stigma to them.

I love the Cadillac CTS wagon because of the unique and edgy look to them (it kind of reminds me of the Zeta). I would love to trade in my family’s SUV for this, but that’s not happening anytime soon. Oh, well.

My dream car is the Skyline R34 but with a price tag between $75k-$100k, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon! I was gonna go with a 2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V model when I recently bought a car, but I decided I was gonna man up and get a truck instead. I don’t really like the new design of the Sentra so I doubt I will get one when it comes time for another vehicle again. If I could find a Silvia, I’d be ALL over that (but only if it were right hand drive).

75k-100k? I assume you live out side of Japan lol, and if you’re in the USA the EPA has a hard on for R34’s, so dose the safty department and the DOT lol, they’ve been cracking down as of late. (Or so I’ve read in both Modified Mag, and Super street)

About the Sentra, I’ve heard a few good things, but I haven’t heard enough about them/had any expereince to really recomend them or anything, though I have heard the QE25 (I think it was the QE) inline four in it is a good motor.

No, I live in the US (NC to be exact). I’ve just heard that it costs that much to get them imported in to the US. However, I also heard the company that imported them had their stock seized and they were convicted of fraud because they were charging customers $25k just to put a VIN number on them.

Ive always wanted a 1969 Chevey Camero with a heavily modified Cummins Desiel engine (yeah thats right) and an automatic transmission (cant work that stick worth crap). it would have black “Stainless” leather interior and the exterior would be the paint job of the RX 78 NT 1 Alex (the main body being Blue, the sides and Racing stripes being white, and the Head and Taillights will be the red and yellow.) Ohh yeah!

My grandpa once had a '69 Camero. Unfortunately, it goat rear ended by an 18-wheeler (it wasn’t a lethal crash, can’t say the same for the car though). From the photos I’ve seen of it, it was beautiful. the photo was taken in '77, but the car looked pristine.

Nissan Skyline
Nissan GTR
Mitsubishi Eclipse (95-99)
Mitsubishi Lancer
Toyota Supra (95-97)
Lamborghini Revonton
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 250
Old School Chevy Camaros/New Camaros. The 90’s models were bleh.

Already doing it wrong. The US Top Gear is a train wreck. Jeremy, Richard and James have done Top Gear for ages, and have all been automotive journalists and car enthusiasts for even longer. They aren’t a bunch of gearheads who are obsessed with Ken Block.

If anything, screw all else, Pagani is in the works of their newest Supercar the Huayra. Which is supposed to outrun the Zonda by about 50 HP, which is a lot considering a 600 horse Mercedes V12.

My car’s red and has 4 wheels. This is the extent of my car knowledge.

Agreed, I was bored and watching it, mainly I was just wanting to see how well the CTS-V did (after seeing that bit I went back to playing on my PS3), which nothing will change my mind about it is a damn impressive car. And yeah Ken Block is over rated, and a hack. (there’s been better drivers out there loads of 'em)

About the Huayra, Yeah I know about it, and yeah no doubt it’s an impressive, beautiful machine. Still impressed by the CTS-V (not to compare it to the Pagani lol) it’s cheaper and faster than anything in it’s class, and is a nice car. (And no one’s changing my mind, well unless it’s backed by facts, but it is the fastest production Wagon at the moment)

@Kenyon That’s unique lol, I was on GTAfourms awhile ago (I think this topic was posted last year sometime) and someone posted a build they found of a Cummins powered 70 Chevelle, I dare say it was damn cool

Damn you. I wish I had GT5. My friend has a PS3 that I get on regularly, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten that game yet.

notices thread is called “the car topic” not “the automobile topic” Personally, I prefer Roman chariots over Nissans, Mitsubishis, Camaros, etc. :smiley: :wink:

Also, mmm Gran Turismo…

Nawww it’s a car thread. Not really room for SUV’s/Trucks/bikes so on. Not as fun. Only intense trucks I can think of are the SRT10 Ram (Chrysler’s v10 Viper engine in a truck) and the Dodge Power Wagon. Even with those two, it’s not as fun as talking about cars.

What kind of compression ratio do you get on that chariot? haha.

I dunno. Seriously look up the definition for car. It basically meant nothing more than a cart, up until the invention of the automobile, which is when it acquired the definition that most of us mean when we use the word today (although car is still used the old way on occasion; I remember a few of the [British] translations that my university used for classes studying the Romans and Greeks, used car in just such a way). I just thought the older, alternative definition of car would be a fun little fact to share. You can resume discussing your gas guzzling, pollution making devices now. :wink:

LOL Zeta-G Chariots are boss.

@SFA Yeah GT5 is fun for awhile, but it lost it’s appeal to me because of my lack of PSN :confused: Also the SRT-10 was amazing, there’s a guy that used to live around here with one, it was awesome, white with blue racing stripes, the exact colors I would want a viper in, oh besides purple, I love my purple ACR in Gt5.

Ahh! you mean the Roman Precursor to the victorian era Stagecoach and its predessesors. I cant believe someone else aslo has a taste for history.

A taste for history? My undergraduate degree is in Ancient Civilizations, good sir. I’d take a Roman chariot over a sports car any day. I’d also be wearing a toga picta (purple toga embroidered with gold and worn by triumphing generals, imperial consuls, and the emperor on special occasions), while being carted around in my chariot. Chariots > automobiles any day. :slight_smile:

Truthfully id take the Celtic garb of the Britons any day particulary the areas of Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. also id watch a Chariot race over a Stock Car Race any day as well. lol

Truthfully id Take the Garb of the Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales any day myself. And yes Id Rather Watch a Chairot Race over a stock Car Race any day as well (and this is coming from a guy who lives in the Deep south, where NASCAR is Religion)lol